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WORKPLACE / AUG. 18, 2014
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6 Online Tools for Better Business Productivity

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One of the best achievements of the businessmen is to increase their brand productivity. If you think that it’s a waste of time to browse the internet, various online tools can change your opinion.

For a businessman or marketer, such tools result in better business goals. Here are some interesting online tools that will help you increase your business productivity:

1. Mystickies

With Mystickies, you can write digital notes. This is an exceptional platform to help you get best out of your investments. You can use its digital paper sheets to prepare notes, presentations. It has greatly reduced the use of paper version of sticky notes. You can share your notes with the social media friends, or can email to the potential clients.

2. Grooveshark

When it comes to online resources for your business success, Grooveshark is a prior choice. This is a brilliant tool for professionals. It has plenty of music albums, and allows you customize the playlists. You can also create separate folders of music albums to enjoy during the office hours. Get motivation to work hard from those pretty effective songs.

3. Uberconference

The most valuable thing a businessman has is time management. If you haven’t found the way to manage your time, Uberconference is really helpful. Using this tool you can schedule your work. This online service is exceptional for businessmen, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It lets you increase your brand base. You won’t waste any time when using Uberconference. Just stick yourself to its alert syste, for maximum business outcomes. Another feature of Uberconference is that it lets you hold an online conference during a flight. Once you get back to the seat, you can schedule a new time for the delayed conference.

4. Remember the Milk

The name of this tool makes me laugh, but its advantages are wide. This tool works as to-do lists. Remember the Milk helps you keep the track of finished projects and monthly incomes. You can manage your account files, customer records, and other important things with this amazing tool. Set the hours for every meeting, and prepare PowerPoint presentations to captivate the attention of your new clients.

5. Boomerang

If you’re fed-up of delay in sending emails, give Boomerang a try. This tool lets you schedule the time of your emails. It keeps a track of the history of messages. You can adjust the text of your emails, and the time they should be sent. It automatically forwards the messages at the set time, and does not bother you.

6. Yammer

Yammer is another strong email sending tool. This lets you send messages and share files with business companions. You can either send those files via email, or can share via personalized social media accounts. Your confidential files and messages are never shared on multiple email servers, and remain inaccessible for someone unknown.

When a businessman tries to find the right productive tools, he increases his search. There is no need to rely upon ordinary and low-quality tools when such brilliant and effective resources ease your work.

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