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6 Qualities You Don’t Find in Millionaires

There is nothing fun about being broke. Between creditors and getting hit with one unexpected expense after another, your bank account may be very far from what you’d dream it to be. An empty bank account can rob your happiness and kill your peace of mind. But despite your present situation, you might look to the future with optimism. Although your personal finances need reviving, your future plans may include conquering the world and building your bank account beyond imaginable. Your friends and family might laugh at your lofty idea of being a millionaire, but you believe you have what it takes.

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Many people have big dreams of being a millionaire, yet only a few actually possess the qualities of a millionaire. Getting to the top and increasing your bank account by several zeros takes more than a dream — it requires letting go of traits that hold you back. To help you out we’ve compiled a list with all the qualities you should let go of in order to be on the right path to being a millionaire.

1. Laziness

Talk to any millionaire and ask about their work schedule. You won’t find any millionaires sleeping in until noon or partying late into the night — at least not in the early stages when they’re building their empires.

It takes drive and hard work to become a self-made millionaire and there’s absolutely no room for laziness or excuses. As an employee, you might look for any reason to take a day off or you might turn down an opportunity to work overtime. This is your prerogative. Just know that you don’t become a millionaire by only working 40 hours a week. Unless you’re fortunate enough to hit the jackpot or have Publisher Clearing House come knocking at your door, be prepared to put in some serous time and effort.

If you’re not a hard worker, or if you’re the type of person who does just enough to get by, you will never be rich. You have to sacrifice something to build a bigger bank account. If becoming a millionaire is your goal, you’ll have to sacrifice your free time and maybe a little sleep. But don’t worry, once you have money in the bank (and your money starts working for you), there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

2. Unimaginative

If you want to become a millionaire, you need an idea that’s different from every other idea out there. Millionaires are imaginative, innovative and creative thinkers. They don’t want to imitate what’s already available — they want to give the world something new. And if they have an idea that’s been done hundreds of times, you better believe they’re putting a unique twist on this idea.

You don’t earn wealth by keeping yourself stuck in a box. Who cares if others don’t understand your vision. You’ll get the last laugh when your product or service is a success, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Some people will never be millionaires because they don’t put forth enough effort to come up with an idea that’s unique -as if their brain will explode from an overflow of creativity. It all goes back to the whole laziness thing. Some people want millions of dollars, but they don’t want to work hard and earn it. 

3. Weakness

captain america

Let’s get real for a moment. If you want to become a millionaire and start a business that’s going to grow and change your financial life for the better, you need to have thick skin.

Talk with any millionaire and they might share stories on how others didn’t believe in their idea -and not just outsiders, also their family, friends or spouse. Those in their inner circle might have said they were crazy for even thinking they would become a millionaire. If you start sharing your ideas with others, you might receive the same reception. How will you respond?

Well, you can respond one of two ways. You can ignore the Negative Nancy’s, or you can let them crush your dreams -in which case, you don’t deserve to be a millionaire. You’ll have setbacks and hear all types of negative comments on your journey to becoming a millionaire You have to develop a millionaire’s mindset and tough exterior. A millionaire is strong and determined. He will fall a hundred times and pick himself up a hundred times. He doesn’t let others discourage him, and he doesn’t need anyone to give him a pat on the back. He is his biggest cheerleader and he believes in himself when others don’t.

If you’re the type of person who crumbles and goes into a shell when others rain on your parade, then you might as well push the idea of being a millionaire out of your head. 

4. Indecisive

How well do you make decisions? Do you waiver back-and-forth and second-guess yourself? If so, millionaire blood might not be running through your veins. Millionaires are not only strong-minded, they know exactly what they want. And since they believe in themselves, they don’t second-guess their decisions. They get all the information and facts, and then make a decision they feel is best for the organization or company, regardless of how others might feel.

5. Follower


Once you graduate college, your parents might think you’ve lost your mind once you announce plans of being your own boss. Your folks might say -in these exact words- “we didn’t spend $20,000 so you could gamble with your life”.

You have a choice. Either follow the path your parents want you to take -which is usually the path every college grad takes- this involves finding a job, slaving for thirty years and maybe walking away with a pension. Or you can follow your gut and do what it takes to become a millionaire.

Going against your parents and the crowd takes courage, but you’ll be in good company because millionaires don’t follow the crowd -they lead it. They march to the beat of their own drum. If everyone’s going left, they’re going right. A millionaire knows you don’t get rich by being someone’s employee.

6. Fear

You might know a millionaire who’s afraid of spiders, heights and maybe the ocean. But when it comes to calculated risks or speaking up and getting noticed, millionaires aren’t going to shrink back. If they believe in an idea or concept, they will scream it from the rooftop for everyone to hear.

Millionaires are some of the biggest risk takers. Whether they’re investing in a company, buying risky stocks or cashing in their 401ks to drum up capital for a startup, millionaires know you don’t get rich by sitting on the sidelines and waiting for opportunities to happen. They make things happen and they aren’t afraid to fail. For every setback, there’s a comeback.

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Becoming a millionaire can significantly improve the quality of your life. You’ll have far fewer financial worries, plus this type of bank opens the door to a world of options. But don’t think this type of money comes about easily. Not everyone has what it takes to become a self-made millionaire. Between fear, self-doubt and laziness, some people are all talk but no action. Getting rich isn’t easy. If you can adopt the qualities and traits of a typical millionaire, it’ll be easier to find the path toward a bigger bank account and financial freedom.

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