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WEB & TECH / JUL. 13, 2015
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6 Search Engines Google Can't Compete With

Google currently owns more than 70% of the market share for search engine use. That means that for every 100 searches made, 70 of them are performed using Google. Considering how many BILLIONS of web queries are made every day, that’s a pretty staggering number!

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But Google isn’t infallible! There are times when Google just can’t help you find what you’re looking for. Its system of ranking and indexing websites isn’t always guaranteed to deliver the search results you want. There are times when Google Search lets you down!

Here are a few alternatives to consider if can’t find what you need on Google:

1. YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, but it delivers a totally different style of content! There is a wealth of video-based content on YouTube that you can’t find anywhere else, including instructional videos, how-to’s, guides, and even presentations and slideshows. If Google isn’t helping you find what you want, visit YouTube and do a search there.

2. Bing

For digital marketers, Bing is a search engine worth learning. Bing has a few advanced search operators that Google doesn’t have, such as:

  • Feed -- Searching Atom or RSS feeds
  • LinkFromDomain -- Finding outbound link information
  • Near -- Useful for finding writing patterns in text and social media posts

Bing does offer a few tools for marketers and advertisers that make it a useful alternative to Google though it doesn’t have quite the indexing power of the Goog!

3. BoardReader

If you want to find content on forums and web boards, Google is not the option for you. BoardReader will allow you to search multiple message boards at once. For those who want to see what people are talking about (for marketing purposes) or find helpful information (for troubleshooting or learning new software), this is a search engine worth your time!

4. CC Search

Google does provide access to a lot of free-use media (videos, images, graphics, etc.), but CC Search is the best place to find anything and everything licensed for public use. This search aggregator will help you find content that is offered by independent organizations, and you’ll find a lot of media that MAY be free for use--just be certain your media has the creative commons license before you use it.

5. BuzzSumo

This is a VERY handy tool to see what your competitors are up to! All you have to do is enter a keyword, and the search engine will evaluate what is the most shared content on social media, which are the most popular links, and which websites have the most influence for specific topics. For market research, this is a VERY handy search engine.

6. Duck Duck Go

If you don’t want anyone (here’s looking at you NSA!) to see your search engine history, DuckDuckGo, is the search engine for you! All of your searches are completely anonymous, so you won’t have to worry about anyone finding out your deep, dark secrets. The only downside: there are no personalized results.

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These other search engines offer capabilities and functions that Google can’t, and you’ll find that they’re a handy alternative to the tech giant!

Do you use any of the search engines mentioned above? What features do you find the most useful?

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