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6 Soft Skills for 2016

Now that it is 2016, you need to think about the best skills that will get you hired this year or give you a promotion. Even though the millennial generation is believed to have great skills and extensive knowledge that the previous generations lacked, employers insist that they are actually missing a lot of the basic soft skills.

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So, if you are interested in achieving all your goals in order to succeed in your career you need to spend some time on improving the following soft skills:

1. Communication Skills

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Your communication skills are skills which need to be constantly updated and developed. For example, your relationship with your boss, colleagues and job, in general, relies on your capability to communicate effectively with and to them.

It also plays a significant role in your professional development. For example, if you have great ideas but can’t effectively share them with your team, then your ideas will be stuck in your head, and you will feel upset and unnoticed. Therefore, try to find out why you are stuck and can’t properly communicate with them in order to improve that skill.

2. EQ

We all know about our IQ and how clever we are (yes, we are all geniuses) but are you familiar with what EQ means? EQ is our Emotional Intelligence - the skill to use, identify, manage and understand emotions in a positive way to reduce stress levels, identify with others, communicate well and overcome any challenges. Developing your emotional aptitude is as important (if not more) as developing your intellect in your professional as well as personal development.

All jobs, regardless of your position, will consider you as an asset if you are an emotionally intelligent employee. If you want to develop these skills you should try to actively practice understanding certain situations not from your perspective, but from other perspectives, too.

3. Decision Making

decisive person

Decisive people always succeed wherever they go. In all situations, whether these are professional or personal, someone has to step in and make a decision, so make sure that this person is you. If you are an indecisive individual who takes forever to make up their mind or is too hesitant to offer their views and ideas someone will step in and end up making all the decisions for you and sometimes, those decisions will not be the best for you. By becoming a decisive person, you could easily make it clear that you are the best person for that upcoming promotion.

4. Focus

Having the ability to focus on something at work can make the difference between having a rewarding career and a stress-filled one. By learning to focus on one task at a time without getting diverted, you will be able to feel fulfilled every day at work while working towards achieving long-term goals.

5. Integrity

dishonest man

Being an honest person at work isn’t always the easiest thing to do as it requires admitting your mistakes, keeping your promises and being open to new suggestions and information when there’s a better way of doing a task. But, by developing your integrity, you will also instantly gain everyone’s respect.

6. Balance

There will be several times in your career where you will be struggling to balance everything that’s on your table. Sometimes you will have so many projects to complete at work that you need to work extra hours or during the weekends, therefore, your personal life suffers. But if you manage to work efficiently during those eight hours at work you might avoid working overtime and spend quality time with your family instead. So, if you want to find happiness in your life while also having a successful career you need to be able to balance work with the rest of your life.

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Can you think of any other soft skills that are important to develop in 2016? Let us know in the comments section below.

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