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SOCIAL MEDIA / OCT. 25, 2014
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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Who to Follow

Who you follow on Twitter is just as important as how many people you’re following. Anyone can build up a network of spammers and people who never post. This doesn’t serve any purpose at all because you’re going to be communicating with people who won’t pay any attention to you anyway.

No, you need the right people around you. If they’re of high-quality, they will interact with you and give you a follow back. Let’s take a look at the five things you need to keep in mind when choosing who to follow.

#1 Start with the Experts

The easiest place to start is by finding the experts in your field. This is easy enough. Industry leaders typically have a high number of followers and are well-known. You’ll usually find these being suggested to you by Twitter itself. Not only does this offer your account some credibility, it gives you access to a stream of useful content they publish.

For example, if you see a useful article, you can retweet it and gain credit for introducing your audience to something useful.

#2 Twitter Search

Don’t expect worthwhile followers to drop into your lap. You have to do what you can to draw people in, but you also need to take the initiative. Use the Twitter search and ‘Discover’ options to type in keywords and find people who have similar interests to you. The best part about these search options is you’re always guaranteed to come across active accounts.

#3 Following Back

Only follow back people who’re relevant. You don’t want a Twitter feed filled with noise that’s irrelevant to you. Yes, it’s nice to reciprocate when someone likes you, but beware of following worthless or spammy accounts. They’ll only make finding relevant content harder for you later on.

#4 Engaged Content

Your goal isn’t to build up an audience that never interacts with you. You want your followers to interact with your content. This is ultimately what gets you seen by other users. Always follow people who engage with you. If they retweet your content, for example, you already know they’re worthwhile to you. Make a rule that if someone contacts you directly you will follow them.

Just make sure what they’re posting is relevant. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t follow someone who keeps spamming you with ads.

#5 Hashtags and Keywords

You want to connect with the best, but you need to find out who’s the most active with a specific hashtag or keyword. Twitter uses an advanced listening system that can help you with this. There are a number of ways in which you can do this. The advanced search and Twitter Tracker features can help you find out what the most popular Twitter accounts are. Twitter provides guides on how to get around these features.

Don’t just use it to find the experts in a field. Also use it to find customers who’re interested in what businesses like yours are doing.

#6 Who are the Experts Following?

There’s a reason why the experts are experts. They have mastered Twitter and they know how the whole thing works. They’re following the right people and publishing content people respond to. So it makes sense to follow the crowd and find out who the experts are following.

You can do this easily enough by clicking on their account and looking through their followers. If you think that they might be interested in what you have to say, follow them as well. You’ll be able to build up an audience of relevant people in less than a week using this method.


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