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6 U.S. Companies That Support the Budding Entrepreneur


According to the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the United States enjoyed a new and established business ownership rate of 13.8 percent. The statistics are quite encouraging in a society that continually advocates for self-employment and entrepreneurship. However, there is still need to encourage more people to embrace entrepreneurship. Below is a list of companies that commit their time, effort and resources to help budding entrepreneurs all across America.

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1. The White House

The White House does not fall under the category of companies, but its commitment to supporting entrepreneurship through Startup America, is very significant. Startup America makes it easy for entrepreneurs to access capital available in a $2 billion fund and connects them to mentors. As a government initiative, they also help change legislation that discourages entrepreneurs and mobilizes the private sector to take up more responsibility in growing entrepreneurship and innovation.

2. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Entrepreneurs possess the confidence and knowledge to start businesses; however, they often lack the experience and skills to run one. The SBA offers a series of training programs, hosts nationwide workshops and classes, and offers business advice to budding entrepreneurs. It also has partnerships with other organizations to increase access to entrepreneurial webinars, counseling, training and mentoring programs. The SBA also avails entrepreneurial loans through banks and lenders to help your business at various stages, including special loans for women and the physically challenged.

3. Michelin Development U.S.

Michelin Development U.S. gives low interest loans to entrepreneurs through their website. Their target is to provide capital and access to business expertise to ensure entrepreneurs develop quality businesses that provide jobs and can sustain themselves in the long term for continuous economic growth.

4. Intel Entrepreneurship Programs

Intel’s entrepreneurship programs work on the idea that a successful entrepreneurship culture thrives on investment, infrastructure and education. It works to build capacity in the above areas through collaboration with entrepreneurs, governments, NGOs and cooperates. Their programs, Intel Global Challenge and Intel Youth Enterprise help entrepreneurs gain the resources, skills and technology required to start and run successful businesses that address challenges faced by the community.

5. EY Startup Challenge

Ernst & Young understands the role of innovation in business success, and works to transfer the same to budding entrepreneurs across America. Through its Startup Challenge, Ernst & Young selects startups and assists them grow their ideas into companies that can help solve present and future business problems.

6. Amazon Web Services Global Start-Up Challenge

The AWS Global Start-Up Challenge targets startups that use cloud computing and e-commerce to create businesses and build infrastructure that is innovative. They select businesses that show promise of long term sustainability and scalability, and serve marketplace needs. Through their cash prices and access to mentors, entrepreneurs can develop their ideas with the marketplace needs in place.

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As a budding entrepreneur, you have corporates and organizations waiting to take your business to the next level. Dream big and take risks; you never know what the future holds.

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