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WORKPLACE / JAN. 29, 2015
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6 Ways to Have a Happier Work Day


One’s happiness and productivity are interlinked; a Harvard Business Review article found that a worker’s level of happiness “has a profound impact on workers’ creativity, productivity, commitment and collegiality.” What’s more, research shows us time and time again that in order to do well in your job, you have to enjoy yourself, whether that is through doing simple activities to make you smile or completely changing your career path in order to follow your true passion in life.

Essentially, your level of happiness is dependent on how you think. If you are a ‘cup is half empty’ type of person, you will find it much harder to propel yourself into a happy mind-set. Nevertheless, your thoughts will ultimately determine your outcome of your day.

Actions speak louder than words

This is very much the case when it comes to having a ‘happier’ day at work. If you are feeling low, sluggish or even depressed with your typical work day, your overall productivity and happiness outside of the office will be affected too. It is therefore important that you learn some simple tips and tricks to help you.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways of achieving a happier work day…

#1 Read a chapter of an inspiring book every day

You must make time for yourself, and whilst getting up an extra 30 minutes early in the morning to read a few pages of your carefully selected ‘inspiring’ book might seem like an ‘effort’, trust me, it is worth it. Setting your day in the right mind set is vital to a happy work day and so reading a few inspiring and thought provoking pages of your book is an excellent way to become more relaxed and positive in the workplace. Take a look at the top 10 inspiring books for 2015 for some great ideas on books to read!

#2 Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast

Your work day is largely affected by your energy levels, and to ensure you can maintain your energy throughout the workday, a nutritious breakfast is essential. Opt for eggs, wholemeal toast, fresh fruit and vitamin rich smoothie drinks to set yourself up for a productive and happy day. For more healthy breakfast ideas, check out this article by

#3 Look forward to something special

Being happier at work does not necessarily mean you need to thoroughly enjoy your job and everything that goes along with it i.e. the people, your manger, your cramped office space etc. You can arrange for lunch dates throughout the week and plan something special with friends, family or a loved one for the weekend. Having something nice to look forward to can really give you the boost you need to be productive and thus happier throughout the day.

#4 Learn something new every day

Expanding your knowledge by learning something new every day is an invaluable practise that you should adopt immediately. Knowing that you have learnt something new, challenged your thoughts, or expanded your skillset can really improve your attitude and happiness levels. Whether you do this through reading a book, taking up an online course or attending a lecture, you can gain invaluable benefits from this activity.

#5 Help another person (at work)

While you may not necessarily get along great with your co-workers, helping a struggling colleague will enable you to feel a sense of selflessness and happiness that can only be achieved through helping another person without putting your own needs first. Happy people tend to be those who are grounded and are eager to help others in need, whilst those who are unhappy tend to have egos that they have to constantly feed on a daily basis. The best approach to take for a happier workday is to go out of your way (every now and then) to help someone in need. This is also known as ‘paying it forward’.

#6 Take time to appreciate what you have

Gratitude is key to progression, success, happiness and an overall sense of inner peace. Experts say that gratitude is essential in order to enjoy yourself and appreciate all the small things that bring you happiness each day. The teachings of The Secret are thought-provoking to say the least. It is worth reading The Secret Gratitude Book by Rhonda Byrne to help gain a better understanding of the importance of appreciation and daily gratitude for all you have in order to gain more and become even more happier in life. 

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What do you do to ensure you have a happy work day? Do you have a daily routine or activities that you do to ensure your level of happiness is maintained? Let us know in the comments section below.

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