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6 Ways to Improve Your Company's Talent Search


The secret to building a great workforce is hiring the best talent. In employee recruitment, one method does not work for everybody. Unfortunately, most recruiting processes use the same recruiting systems, attracting the same kind of applicants repeatedly. Assess your talent needs and customize your recruitment process before embarking on a talent search. A custom-made hiring process attracts the best talent and helps you save time. There are different steps you can take to help your company score the best talent.

Reach Out to Applicants

The best individuals need you to entice them to consider your organization. Evaluate your job advertisement methods. Reach out to applicants through the company website and present your organization as a suitable employer. Update your website on a regular basis to provide detailed information on the organization, employee compensation, employee culture and growth opportunities available to employees. Additionally, make the information available on social media and curate it to appeal to your preferred candidates.

Use Alternative Methods to Find Talent

Ask the top talent in your organization to recommend people they believe can contribute to your company’s growth. Alternatively, look within the company, and promote individuals you believe have the experience and drive to deliver. Continue promoting internally and only hire once there is a vacancy in an entry-level position. You can then look for candidates through university recruitment programs and train them.

Careers vs. Jobs

Talented individuals do not look for jobs; they look for career opportunities that help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Entice applicants by replacing traditional job descriptions with performance based descriptions that offer information on the scope of work, opportunities the position offers and available career advancement opportunities in the organization.

Target Achievers

Screen all CVs, and look for individuals with experience on big projects and awards from recognized bodies. Identify candidates with a track record of consistent growth. Note that more often than not, the top-third talent in any field has very few people with years of experience; rather, it has individuals with a strong personal drive who consistently aspire to achieve big.

Engage Candidates

Invite your candidates for in-person interviews and company tours. In-person interviews put candidates at ease allowing them to present their talents in length. You also have a better chance to present your company as the candidates’ preferred employer. Face-to-face interviews also put both of you at ease, especially when the process involves lengthy negotiations.

Take your Time

Do not be in a rush to fill vacant positions in your organization. Individuals that fall under the top-third view a job change as a process where both parties come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Candidates will engage you in several meetings and try to get as much information as they can on the position and your company. They will also negotiate several aspects of the offer to ensure they suit their personal and career goals.

The hiring team serves as your brand ambassador in the talent search and plays a significant role in enticing top candidates into your organization. Empower them so they help you hire and retain the best talent.

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