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6 Websites for Photographers to Sell Their Work

There are a few ways you can make part-time money, such as freelance writing, SEO, e-marketing, and selling your photographs. Even those who are not very good at photography can use simple techniques to solidify sales and essentially put money in the bank. If you’ve been taking pictures for several years, your hard drive should by now be laced with content; now you can turn your drive’s collection into money, whatever subjects you love to shoot. The following list identifies 6 current sources to help turn your photography into sales. 

1. CreativeMarket 

CreativeMarket is the hub of graphic designers, photographers, and artists. Here you can showcase your graphics, logos, themes, and pictures by simply opening a free account. Users of this website have the freedom to set their own prices and keep 70% of each sale. There is no need to limit your collection or designs as the website provides various tools to the sellers that can help to boost their sales.


2. CreativeStores 

A UK based website branching out with worldwide success. Here you can not only sell your photographs, but also handmade work, artworks, crafts and paintings. Choose from the three package options and sign up for an e-store to maximize your sales. Targeting the best and highest-paying buyers at CreativeStores - is an easy task.


3. DargerHQ 

DargerHQ aims to provide an influencing platform to its users. If you’re an emerging artist or photographer, and want to earn cash from your work, then this is a great website to start. The buyers visit DargerHQ’s different categories; make sure their shopping cart is full with your pictures and paintings by unveiling their outstanding collections. Anything sold at this platform is subject to 30% commission.


4. Deviant Art 

With more than 60 million photographs and works of art, Deviant Art is the option for you. This website allows both emerging and established photographers to exhibit and promote their work. They offer the freedom to set your own selling price for each picture, on the basis of the quality and uniqueness. The website takes little commission on it’s sales.


5. EasyArt 

EasyArt is a POD vendor for the photographers, painters, and artists. Here you’ll submit digital files of your work, and for every successful sales, they’ll pay you 90% of the total amount. They set prices on the basis of uniqueness and substrate.


6. EBSQArt

EBSQArt is an exceptional website for self-representing artists. It lets you create a personalized online store, which you can link back to your own website to generate maximum direct traffic. EBSQ focuses on its built-in social media tools and promotional campaigns to spread the word about your existence. Membership fee is $8.95 per month.


Some of the above websites make payments to subscribers only. If you manage to upload 10-20 pictures a day, your chances of earning increase automatically. Presenting high volumes of quality images certainly would increase your chances of success; a personal tip following these findings would be to use several of these websites together.

Sourced Image: Digital Camera World CreativeMarket, CreativeStores, DargerHQ, Deviant Art, EasyArt, EBSQArt

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