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7 Amazing Online Platforms for Self-Learners

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Many schools provide a chance for the learners to access their online journals, articles, e-books, and other study materials. They set up their websites for serving both the enrolled students and general public. But some students are naturally self starters and don’t need to attend a school to develop learning skills. Self-education takes place spontaneously as you go through life. Your memory might fade away due to distracting activities, but you should always seek to adopt the traits of a self-learner, to refresh your intake.

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Here are the best online platforms for you:

1. MIT OpenCourseWare 

MIT OpenCourseWare is an exceptional web-based publication of MIT courses. You can choose from a wide range of study materials. Graduate and post-graduate students can join any of the MIT study programs during summer vacations. The courses available free of cost.

2. Tufts OpenCourseWare

Tufts OpenCourseWare is a new initiative of MIT. It provides access to numerous course contents. The courses included within this website reflect the University’s strengths in biological sciences, engineering subjects and business studies.

3. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Join the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania’s online business school to access its free self-learning contents and short courses. This website has over 80 free business courses, which are ideal for businessmen, entrepreneurs, marketers and interns. You’ll get facilitated with the self-paced and individualized learning options. Many of the business courses are combined with high-end graphics, case studies and audio streams.

4. Boston College Front Row (Business) 

Boston College Front Row is a brilliant website to polish the learning capacities of business students. If you’re interested in subjects like finance, business, statistics, and management, Boston College Front Row should be your prior choice.

5. Khan Academy 

KhanAcademy has over 1400 videos lessons and contents for math students. You can choose from a wide array of courses like algebra, differential equations, physics, chemistry, and biological sciences. Every course is free of cost for basic users, but you’ve to pay specific fees for advanced courses.

6. Open Yale Courses 

Open Yale Courses is amazing both for teachers and college students. It provides short teaching courses to the tutors. The students can expand their knowledge by joining any of its online learning departments like humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and biology. This service is especially useful for the students looking for professional internships.

7. Johns Hopkins OpenCourseWare 

The JohnsHopkinsBloombergSchool’s OpenCourseWare lets you get facilitated with free short-term and vocational courses. If you’re curious individual to learn languages like Japanese, Chinese, and English, Johns Hopkins OpenCourseWare should be your option. You can join both paid and free courses.

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For anyone who is interested in open learning education, Google ScholarOpenCourseWare Consortium, and Self Made Scholar Directory are best. With the advent of the internet, it is no longer a hurdle to jump when seeking multiple sources of teaching platforms. Once you obtain a professional degree, you can find solutions of your life’s career goals. Maybe a day will come when you too, can become tutor at any of these platforms, benefiting the world.

That would be a career change from out of the blue!

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