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7 Amazing WordPress Video Plugins for YouTube

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YouTube is the world’s leading video sharing site. Content is now king so if you want to incorporate YouTube videos on your WordPress site, and you should, here are some of the plugins you might want to consider:

1. YouTube Analytics

This plugin allows you to view your YouTube statistics directly from your WordPress site. From your admin dashboard, you will be able to see the number views, the number of comments, the number of likes and dislikes, and the average view duration. In addition, you could also choose to display other statistics such as subscribers lost, subscribers gained, favorites removed and favorites added. YouTube Analytics comes with two themes; the light theme and the red theme. It supports several international languages.

2. Video Thumbnails

This awesome plugin allows you to automatically display video thumbnails on your WordPress site. These thumbnails are then saved in your media library for future use. The premium version of this plugin comes with features such as a customizable upload directory, widescreen cropping, maximum image sizes and bulk scanning. Besides YouTube Video Thumbnails also works with other sites such as Vine, Facebook and Vimeo.

3. WP Video SEO

WP Video SEO allows you to create a sitemap for your videos, as well as speed up the indexing of your videos by search engines. In addition, you can link a video to a specific page or post on your site.

4. WP Video Lightbox

This plugin lets you showcase videos on a page or post using lightbox overlay display. This could be Vimeo, iFrame, YouTube or Flash videos. Since the plugin is responsive, such videos can also be viewed on mobile devices. WP Video Lightbox allows you to configure settings such as animation speed, opacity, allow resize, allow expand, show title, theme, counter-separator label, horizontal padding and keyboard shortcuts. You can choose between HTML code and shortcodes to display your light box.

5. YouTube Subscribe Button

If you want visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel directly from your site, you will find this plugin useful. Once it is installed, a YouTube subscribe button will appear on your site. This will allow your visitors to sign up without having to leave.

6. YouTube Widget Responsive

This plugin allows you to embed a responsive YouTube video in your sidebar. It comes with a wide range of options including choosing the color and theme of the progress bar, turning subtitles on or off, choosing video start and stop times, enabling or disabling controls, enabling full screen, enabling privacy mode and hiding the YouTube logo. YouTube Widget Responsive supports a number of international languages.

7. YouTube White Label Shortcode

YouTube White Label Shortcode allows you to manage settings such as autoplay, high definition, auto-sizing, borders and closed captions. In addition, you can set the height and width of the video, decide whether the YouTube logo will appear, and choose whether or not to show related videos.

With the renewed importance of content, all these plugins will make it easier for you to manage your YouTube videos. Other YouTube video plugins you could consider include YouTube Upload Widget, WP YouTube Lyte and Hide YouTube Related Videos.  

Do you use YouTube videos on your WordPress website? What plugins do you use if any? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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