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7 Best Free Online Courses For Learning PR and Marketing

Marketing Resources

The world of marketing is changing on a daily basis, and it can be hard to keep up with all of the new and creative ways to market your product. It’s tough to know which social media sites to use, what wording will have the greatest impact, or which images will resonate with your audience.

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Thankfully, there are lots of marketing courses you can take to help you keep up with the times! Best of all, many of these marketing courses--such as the ones listed below--are totally free…

1. Stanford on iTunes U

Stanford University offers a wide range of academic courses via iTunes U, and you can find an extensive range of courses on marketing and PR. For example, there are lectures with Mark Zuckerberg on how to use Facebook, lectures on modern media, and a series of classes that will teach you about new and modern methods of journalism. A LOT of great material here!

Find them here…

2. MIT

MIT has begun to offer a lot of open (free) courses via its website. The New Media Literacies course gives you an inside look at literary theory for marketing, but also teaches you how to use media tools like podcasts, blogs, and wikis for marketing. It comes with a lot of detailed lecture notes, and even the slides used for the courses taught at MIT. Great for both theory and practical studying!

3. Open University

The Marketing Communications as a Strategic Function course is an excellent free resource to use to learn how to properly communicate via your marketing. It helps you realize that it’s about more than just selling a product or promoting a service, it’s about reaching your target audience or demographic with the message you want to share.

4. University of Southern Queensland

USQ in Australia offers a lot of open courses, including Communication, Technology and Policy, a course that looks at how modern technology can help you to communicate more effectively. It helps you understand what challenges you will face thanks to modern technology, and how you can use it for both journalism and marketing.

5. DS106

Digital Storytelling is a course given at the University of Maryland, but it’s also available online via the website DS106. Through this website, you learn how to tell a story via digital technology, build your own brand, and engage others. It focuses on the creative side of branding and digital storytelling.

6. Kutztown University

The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania offers Marketing 101, a course designed to help anyone learn the basics of marketing. It’s meant to be completed in a few hours, and will help even total novices take their first steps toward more effective promotion and marketing.

7. Marketing Power

This website offers A LOT of podcasts on marketing, most of which are sponsored by the American Marketing Association.  Topics range from sales to advertising to marketing to politics to creativity. Many of the podcasts are from leaders in the industry, making it an invaluable resource!

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If you want to become an expert at marketing, these are the courses for you to start with.

Have you used any of the sources above? Did you find them useful in your business or career? Let us know in the comments section below...

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