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7 Careers to Consider If You're Creative

Everyone has a different idea of what creative means. In a nutshell, it’s when you’re imagination dictates what you produce rather than following a remit. It is also a very broad spectrum and just because your artistic prowess begins and ends with matchstick men doesn’t mean you don’t have creativity in other areas. With this in mind, here are 7 careers to consider if you’re creative.

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#1 Acting

The ultimate career for those whose creativity decrees that they excel at taking on other people’s personas or acting out dramatic scenarios. It’s also the toughest of all of these to make your mark in, but the amount of students enrolling for theatre schools such as AmericanAcademy tell us the industry is in safe hands. If you have that extra special something and the ambition to match your talent, then  there is no reasons you can’t  be the next big thing?

#2 Writing

This covers so many areas that it’s impossible to list them all here. The true wordsmith uses words rather than actions to tell a story. Many of us think of writing and immediately conjure up images of bestselling books and millionaire lifestyles but there is way more to writing than just producing novels. Every time you visit a website you will see the work of a creative content writer, be it informative or describing a product. Freelancing is a good place to start to see if you have what it takes to make it as a writer.

#3 Graphic Design

The computer may be your tool, but it’s what is going on in your mind that separates the great graphic designers from the mediocre designers. Logos, magazine covers, food packaging, advertising; all of these now fall under the realm of graphic design and it is currently one of the most popular careers. Whether you aim for permanent employment with a company or want to give your creativity free reign through freelancing this is another creative career that carries a high level of pride and satisfaction.

#4 Photography

Anyone can take a photo, you only have to look at Facebook to see that, but there is a difference between being able to take a decent snap and creating a thing of beauty. Photography combines innovation with imagination and a healthy dose of technical know-how thrown in for good measure. Whether it is people, static objects or landscapes, our thirst for quality images never diminishes, and it is the job of the photographer to quench it.

#5 Artist

Art means so many things to so many people. Whether your art is freehand, computer generated or involves printing this is one of the best if you are of the ilk where you like to just let your creative juices flow. There are all sorts of jobs for those involved in art nowadays, meaning the notion of the struggling artist is one that has been long left behind.

#6 Floristry

A combination of artistic skill and an eye for colour is what sets a florist apart from those who bang a bunch of flowers into a vase and forget about it. Taking a selection of humble flowers and turning them into a work of art is another example of how creativity comes to the workplace and you can make a living from your talent with flowers.

#7 Cake Decorating 

Anybody who has ever decorated a cake and basked in the admiration of it will know what a satisfying career this can be. Another area where the only boundaries are that of your imagination. Take a look online to see what amazing creations come from the hands of those who make a living from cake decorating, some of them beggar belief.

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So, being creative now can also result in getting a job, and these seven careers are potentially fantastic ones that allow you to showcase your natural talents and earn a decent living.



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