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7 Informative Websites for Visual Arts Majors

Creating visual art is a remarkable element of the human experience and will always be. Some of us go on to cherish this as a full-blown career. Below are seven awesome websites for those majoring in visual arts to take advantage of. Whether you intend to be a painter, sculptor, drawer, photographer, architect, or anything else, you can find suitable information to fit your specific needs from this list. Enjoy exploring your creative potential!

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1. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is one of the largest online social networks for people who “bleed and breed art.” This website was launched during August 2000 with the goal of giving artists and art enthusiasts a useful platform to connect and build meaningful relationships. Artists can display, promote, and share their creative works with a wide community of over 35 million registered members. DeviantArt really cares about helping new artists establish a notable identity in the art world. Art does have a way of bringing out the deviant side of us, right?

2. ArtLex

ArtLex is a go-to tool for finding definitions for more than 3,600 terms relating to the visual arts culture. In addition, there are thousands of complementary images, pronunciation notes, quotations, and cross-references that allow for a comprehensive understanding of word meanings. You can easily search for terms in alphabetical order, and search within many categories of art (e.g. Egyptian art and realism). You are welcome to translate text into languages other than English from this website, such as Chinese and French. This website is wonderful for artists, collectors, students, and educators.

3. Color Matters

Besides having the power to make our world aesthetically pleasing to our eyes (or even the power to put us in a bad mood), colors carry quite extraordinary meanings in our lives. Color Matters is a website that illustrates in an excellent fashion; the meanings behind many colors. For example, did you know that yellow stands for enlightenment and creativity, or that purple stands for nobility and luxury? Other than the meanings of colors, you can learn about how to effectively use color to design clothes, market products and services, and improve the quality of one’s health.

4. EyeFetch

With EyeFetch, you can browse art from thousands of artists from around the globe. They have such a beautiful and unique collection of art to be inspired by. This is a helpful tool for emerging and established artists to showcase and sell visual artwork in the marketplace. EyeFetch offers the opportunity to join a talented set of artists, and share in the joy of fine-tuning one’s skills and enhancing one’s creative spark.

5. Artcyclopedia

This website is an encyclopaedia for all things art-related. Artcyclopedia lets you conveniently search for artists, artworks, and even art museums. There are over 5,000 artists listed, which includes famous names like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci. Gain an in-depth perspective about the various art movements that have captivated many, such as the Harlem Renaissance and pop art. You can look through a listing of art news from around the world, and learn what issues are garnering attention in the realm of art.

6. ArtDaily

ArtDaily has been operating since 1996 as a one-stop shop for art lovers. It is considered an art newspaper that features a large selection of historical and modern works of art. Paired with many art photographs are well-detailed explanations that permit readers to explore distinct cultural meanings about creative expression. In other words, you can read interesting stories attached to artwork. Also, you are encouraged to watch daily videos that cover noteworthy art topics, and play fun games centered on art, as well. ArtDaily appears to be a very entertaining site for visual arts, overall.

7. Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery is one of the top art museums in the world and is based in the United Kingdom. This gallery specializes in exhibiting contemporary works of art created by a largely unseen population of young artists. They maintain around 1.5 million visitors per year and have partnered with prominent media sponsors. Saatchi Gallery provides a great way for young artists trying to make a career for themselves to do so successfully. Many featured artists have been offered spots in other galleries and museums internationally thanks to this platform. You may currently not have the means to visit them, but you can view a vast collection of fascinating art from their website.

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I encourage you to bookmark and share this list with others. Feel free to let me know what art websites you enjoy using, in the comment section below.


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