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7 Insights from the Wealthiest Women in Technology

While there is still a minority of women among those holding the highest ranks in the industry of technology, there are some success stories. A few of them even made it to the list of the wealthiest women in technology in 2014. Their contributions have not only led to several technological advancements, but also recently inspired infrastructures that promote women and minorities in technology. Here are some insights from a few of these successful women.

1. Marissa Mayer

Marissa became the CEO of Yahoo in July 2012, after resigning from Google. Her entire net worth is currently estimated at 350 million dollars. Mayer believes in creating a balance between work and life. According to her, anyone can thrive in their line of career, without having to sacrifice the most important aspects of life such as family.

2. Angela Ahrendts

Ahrendts is currently the head of online stores and retail at Apple—a title created specifically for her. While Apple may have awarded her with stocks worth 76 million dollars, she is still entitled to an annual compensation of 2.5 million dollars. Ahrendts is in support of putting the best person on the job, regardless of gender. To her, vision, leadership and experience should be at the top of the list when making employment considerations.

3. Susan Wojcicki


Image source: Fortune

As the CEO of YouTube, Susan currently receives a compensation of up to 10 million dollars. She also began as one of Google’s first employees in 1999. Susan strongly believes in taking chances. She recently recounted that the best decision she had ever made was to join Google even when the circumstances at that time did not work in her favor.

4. Ursula Burns

Image source: Oregon Live

Ursula Burns is the first African-American woman to run a Fortune 500 company. Her new position as CEO of Xerox grants her annual compensations worth over 7.5 million dollars. Based on her employment history, Burns can attest to the fact that impatience may be used as a source of strength. From her point of view, being in a hurry to achieve certain things can be the best source of motivation.

5. Sheryl Sandberg

As the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Facebook, Sandberg’s net worth currently totals to $1 billion. Sheryl confirms that her success is mostly due to her need for constant growth. She believes that people should aspire to be part of the success in fast-growing industries.

6. Ginni Rometty

Image source: Manitoba Co-operator

Ginni Rometty is currently the CEO and chairman of IBM. Her compensation in the year 2012 totaled to $16.1 million. She strongly believes in implementing strategies based on moral personal beliefs. According to her, implementing something from that point of view always results in enduring answers.

7. Meg Whitman

Image source: CNBC

Sources revealed that Meg Whitman is currently worth over 2 billion dollars. She has used her position as chairman, CEO and president of Hewlett-Packard to promote her beliefs in maintaining improved professional productivity. According to her, we can only maintain competitive contexts if we concentrate on creating a better workforce through better education systems.

Ultimately, these women unanimously agree that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to. Furthermore, constant dedication and preparation is the key to success.

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