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7 Interactive Apps for Teachers in 2014

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Education is considered to be a cornerstone to a well-functioning society. The purpose to have tablets, smartphones and audio-video aids in classrooms is to keep the students occupied. Both the hardware and software play their vital roles to help a teacher engage eager young minds during a lecture. There are plenty of apps a teacher can use to manage his workload.

Here I’ve mentioned some of the most interactive applications for teachers:

1. Knowmia

Knowmia is an excellent lesson planning app for teachers. It helps you create video lessons for Montessori, write notes on any subject, and share with the online students. You can also publish your lectures on different websites and make part-time income. Using Knowmia Teach, it’ll be easier for you to obtain visual aid ideas from multiple websites. You can also organise your lesson plans on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

2. ShowMe

ShowMe allows you to turn your iPad into a recording device. As a teacher, you can use this application for recording tutorials on multiple subjects, create short video lessons, and email to your students. You don’t need to worry about any complex option, ShowMe comes with user-friendly interface. Discover useful lectures created by other community members of ShowMe to develop your teaching skills.

3. Cinderella

Nosycrow’s Cinderella helps you engage the students. It has plenty of options like creating illustrations, developing classroom presentations, and writing reader-friendly stories. Your students can explore all these materials and increase their knowledge. You should motivate them to install this app to reinforce close reading.

4. Educlipper

Educlipper is a wonderful app to help you create high-quality video lectures and guides for the students. You can also use an Educlipper board for delivering multimedia lectures in the classroom. With Educlipper, a science teacher can develop useful instructions, and write notes about lab experiments digitally. You can share notes, lectures and educational videos on your Educlipper board.

5. PixiClip

Using Pixiclip, you can create step-by-step lesson plans and instructional videos for your flipped classrooms. It is a wonderful multimedia application to let you prepare images, videos, drawings, annotations, and many other things for the students. This app has a nifty recording feature that will lets virtual tutors record their lectures and share on a digital whiteboard.

6. Educreations

Educreations is another great application for teachers. It lets you sketch images, drawings, and pictures in the classroom. It records and replays your voices before the students. Using this interactive app, you can add texts and diagrams to e-books for better understanding of the students. It also helps you embed interesting English stories, poems, and give hints on how to develop students’ learning abilities.

7. Explain Everything

With Explain Everything, you can turn your classroom to an interactive learning environment. This allows you create screencasts, lectures, and tutorials via annotations, animations, and narrations. You can also export your lectures anywhere in the world. 

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen lots of web tools and applications that can help teachers. Many of these apps come free of cost, making your teaching process easier.

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