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7 Jobs in the Healthcare Domain With the Best Career Prospects


A career in the healthcare domain is arguably one of the most rewarding careers ever. They were dominating the other industries in the past and continues to be promising as we head into the future. What you need to know about the healthcare industry though is - it is no more restricted to doctors and nurses unlike yesteryear. There are tons of jobs in this sector, some of which you may not be aware of.      

Today, preventing illness, injuries and diseases are just as important as treating them. Today, the healthcare industry has grown and expanded more than it has ever been. This obviously leads to employment of more qualified personnel.

So, if you are one of those who love to serve the healthcare industry, here are a few options that can offer you excellent career prospects in the near future:

1. Marriage and Family Therapist    


Wondering what’s the connection between marriage and healthcare? Marriage and family therapists enjoy high regards and have a key role to play in the society and the health industry. They are considered to be peacemakers. They play middleman role between married people whose relationship is in trouble.

As problems with relationships, marriages and their bonds can impact one’s mental well-being and also the fact that such problems are growing day-by-day, marriage therapy is becoming vital too. In the coming years, marriage and family therapy profession can spike up to 30.06% as projected by the BLS.       

2. Home Health Aide

The name says it all. There is a huge demand for home health aides throughout the world. After all, who doesn’t like one? If you are an elderly or disabled person or one who is too ill to lead an independent life, you may love to have a home aide.

A home health aide is responsible for dressing, bathing, medication administration and most importantly keeping the victim happy. Unsurprisingly, this is one job in the health sector that requires lots of patience, love and care. You will choose this career only if you have these qualities. According to BLS, the profession is set to expand by 48% by 2022.  

3. ACLS Instructor

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) refers to a set of interventions for emergency treatment of strokes, cardiac arrests and other medical emergencies that are life threatening. That explains why this field of science is crucial and is in prospect. Health professionals or even emergency lay rescuers can get trained in Basic life support or BLS training in order to take up this career. 

An ACLS course also features specific airway management skills and related pharmacology study. ACLS courses may be enrolled by active healthcare providers who like to enhance their way into management of cardiac arrests and other serious conditions. Students must get through skill tests and written exams in order to get an ACLS completion certificate.  

4. Clinical Social Worker

Not typically medical in nature, Clinical social work offers mental health services for treatment, diagnosis and prevention of emotional, behavioural and mental disorders. Elements of chemistry and biology can help in getting a certification in this category of health science. What is more important here is your willingness to help patients and your ability to empathise with them.

With more baby boomers requiring clinical social help, this particular field has a long and promising scope. The demand for clinical social workers exists in medical facilities, private practice, schools, mental health clinics, community organisations, child welfare agencies and employment places. BLS predicts 26.8% expansion for this category in the next few years.

5. Substance Abuse Counselor  

Yet another weird name for you? Substance Abuse Counseling is a life-giving opportunity, bringing transformation to people’s lives. In this case, you will be counseling individuals to get rid of their addictiveness and destructive lifestyle.  The challenges in this particular task are as high as the level of satisfaction you get with it.  

There are about seventeen million alcoholics in the US alone. And that explains why this job is so demanding.  BLS predicts 31% expansion in this job field by 2022. This is due to the justice system that is shifting towards treatment-sentences rather than time spent in jail. 

6. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists are typically people who help the scientists in the healthcare sectors. Their work may involve collecting blood samples from patients for lab examination in order to give valuable information with which health conditions can be diagnosed.

Individuals choosing this field of health science must love human blood, needles, blood vials, test tubes, and databases. It helps your cause if you have good people skills. A BLS report suggests that 27,100 new positions may arise by 2022. 

7. Massage Therapist 

Massage therapy is ranked very high among top medical careers by US News and World Report. A number of message therapists work for themselves (self-employed). This occupation entails the use of body touch of varying degree depending on pressure and motion. Some message therapists are employed by medical facilities, spa, fitness centers, studio, hospital, airports or malls.

BLS reports that the demand for massage therapy will grow by 22.6% by 2022. Why not? When there is an art to relieve stress and pain simply by touch, who would not like it?

So there you see seven unique, yet very demanding careers in the healthcare industry that you may consider. There are several other options including Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Veterinary Technologist and Technician among many more. 

If you have already started eyeing the healthcare vector, then it would be a good idea for you to examine all the available options before you make a choice on which one best suits you. All the very best!! 

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