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7 Organizations Every Entrepreneur Should Join

Entrepreneurs specialize in utilizing creativity and a solid business sense to succeed in cultivating successful entrepreneurial ventures. Another aspect that these individuals need to be well-versed in is the art of networking. One way that entrepreneurs can cultivate all of these skills—through networking and educational opportunities—is to join organizations specific to their field. This article will discuss 7 organizations that every entrepreneur should join.

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Founders Card

The Founders Card is an entrepreneurial organization with a global membership of over 20,000 entrepreneurs. Members include founders of companies, CEO’s, presidents and other individuals with an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. The organization offers members excellent networking opportunities in addition to many premier benefits. The group also offers members access to an online networking community. Members receive member discounts on various business products, services and travel expenses. For VIP members, they receive discounts on vehicles as well as on fashion and fitness products. Interested entrepreneurs need to apply for membership and the global events are invite-only.

Entrepreneur’s Organization

Entrepreneur’s Organization was founded in 1987 and is considered the leading global network for entrepreneurs. Members have the opportunity to learn more about their craft through peer-to-peer learning as well as opportunities to connect with experts in the industry. The organization offers an active online forum for members to share advice and connect with others. They have a membership of over 10,000 entrepreneurs. Additionally, members have access to a mentor and they will receive a customized educational program. The organization holds global networking events. One added benefit for members is that they can opt in to the healthcare program.

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA)

Social Enterprise Alliance was formed in 1997 by six entrepreneurs who then planned their first networking event for November 1998 in Colorado. The main focus of the SEA is that they continue to develop as a “champion for social enterprise in the US.” The organizational drive is for the members to cultivate innovation and effective social change in the US. In order to achieve this goal, the alliance provides social enterprising tools as well as valuable education and networking resources to members. A monthly newsletter is offered to members as well as a comprehensive webinar series.

Young Entrepreneur Council

Young Entrepreneur Council is for entrepreneurs who are under the age of 40. It is an invite-only organization. YEC offers members an opportunity to participate in peer-to-peer forums and receive 24/7 member support. Additionally, an editorial team is available to work with members regarding various content creation projects. Members also receive discounts on certain products and services as well as in-person events. The organization provides a monthly publication and the opportunity for mentorship guidance. One final benefit is that members also receive a gratis membership to the Founders Card.

Young Presidents’ Organization

Young Presidents’ Organization was founded in 1950 by Ray Hickok. Currently, the organization has over 22,000 member entrepreneurs. The membership reach is global within 125 countries. The focus of this organization is to cultivate and develop young chief executive officers. Members have the opportunity to network with members from around the world and seek advice from seasoned professionals. Various networking events and roundtable discussions are offered to members. Additionally, members receive guidance in their personal lives with the opportunity to attend retreats for families and couples. The organization is well-suited for entrepreneurs who are under the age of 45.

United States Association Small Business & Entrepreneurship

USASBE was founded in 1981 as an entrepreneurial community that is based on the following four pillars: education, research, outreach and public policy. This organization offers membership access to an online career center. Additionally, members have the opportunity to network with fellow members, policy makers and educational facilitators. Monthly subscriptions are provided to the following journals: Journal of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.

The Entrepreneur’s Club

The Entrepreneur’s Club was formerly called Cool Tech Club. The organization was founded in 2003 and it is an international and multi-ethnic network of executives, professionals and high-tech entrepreneurs. The majority of the members are fluent in the following languages: English, Hebrew, and Russian, as well as other European languages. The club holds approximately 10 networking events each year in the US, Tel Aviv and Moscow. Members have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs as well as sit down with industry professionals.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, do you belong to any of the organizations listed in this article? If you belong to any organizations that are not listed here, we’d love to hear from you as well.

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