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7 Practical Ways to Killing Boredom at Home

Personal development is a subject all of us are interested in. We want to be happy and full of life as much as we can. We don’t intend to be unproductive and bored at certain times. After all, enthusiasm and interest drives away boredom right?

Albeit this is true, every single one of us slips into boredom periods from time to time. Unemployment and school holidays escalate this feeling because of so much free time. If you have been here before, consider the following change of habits that will awaken positive energy in you in turn making you productive;

1. Exercise

Aside from keeping you fit, exercise is a good way to kill boredom. The adrenalin rush is good for your brain- it causes excitement and psyche about life. Ensure you do your morning runs, go the gym, and skip the rope, aerobics and any other form of exercise. Discipline and consistency is the key to being successful with exercise.

2. Go slow on the TV

Watching too much TV is detrimental to your path to being productive. Couch potatoes never really achieve much. More often than not, a lot of victims of TV addicts live in denial. Imagine the number of hours you watch TV in a day; if it is more than three hours a day, you have to change and cut down on it. There are a lot of ways you can spend time other than sitting in front of the TV all day long. The last time I checked, watching the highest number of movies never got you a job, leave alone any award!

3. House Chores

Instead of sitting around the house doing unproductive stuff like eating too much and watching TV, use the energy to get your hands dirty by doing a few chores at home. It has worked a lot of times for me. At the exact time you feel bored and, I dare you to do dishes, dust the house, fold some clothes or cook. A certain sense of fulfillment engulfs you and makes you have so much positive energy.

4. Diet

Boredom and unproductivity affects people’s eating habits on the negative side. Studies have shown that bored people eat more than happy and excited ones. And I don’t mean more fruits and veggies! It’s mostly unhealthy options like fast foods, red meat and cookies. If you want to be full of life, you have to take a U-turn on your diet. Eat healthier foods in small portions more and watch as your attitude about life changes to the positive direction.

5. Get Active

Find something to do with your time, something that you are passionate about. This could include the following; joining a cooking class, starting music lessons, doing motivational talks in high schools around your locality and volunteering your services where they might be needed. Being active triggers a feeling of self-fulfillment and pleasure which consequently drives away boredom.

6. Read More

There is vast knowledge buried in books. It is unfortunate that most of us do not really enjoy reading books as much as watching TV series or visiting friends. Try reading more today and experience the joy you feel inwardly. Motivational books are a source of inspiration-which awakens life.

7. Wake up Early

They say the early bird catches the worm. Well this is true for personal development. Maybe not in that context though. The plain fact is wake up early and you are on the path to being excited and happy about life.

Virgo Mortensen quotes, “There is no excuse to being bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. But there is no excuse to boredom.

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