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7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an Engineering Course

Having undertaken an undergraduate course in chemical and process engineering, I get a lot of questions from people who are curious about it. Every time I tell someone about my college major they make faces suggesting how tough and no-nonsense I must be. The perception of an engineer in their minds is always someone who works hard and plays less if not no play at all. The common question I get is; “is engineering really worth it?”

The literal meaning of an engineer is someone who makes things happen. Most of the products and services used on a day-to-day basis are a result of engineering knowledge. Engineers are enlightened about conversion of scientific knowledge into these useful products and services useful for humans. Who wouldn’t enjoy being a part of something this huge and interesting? I know engineers have a lot of fun while doing what they do best and this is why;

1. Engineers Have a Wide Range of Working Environments

Having a background in engineering education means you are prepared to work in variety of careers. Engineers can work in big towns, rural areas and even in the wilderness. Some engineers work in offices or factory floors of industries, research labs, classrooms or out in the field. A double degree is what an engineer needs to get into management medicine or law and basically any other career.

2. High Demand

Trained engineers are fewer considering the sky high engineering knowledge requirement in the industry. To maintain the growth of a given economy, technological innovation is a must and who better than a trained engineer, can achieve this? The new wave of automation makes it hard for employment of traditional manual methods in almost every sector of the society including hospitals, the Defence forces and many more. This means that there is job security for an engineer-always.

3. Engineering is Cool

Being the first to try out a new technology and eventually make it a reality is something truly fulfilling and amazing. Developing environmentally friendly products and totally new innovations like buildings under the sea as well as materials that can cure cancer or malaria is what engineers specialize in. They make the future a reality.

4. Diverse Career Paths

To say that engineering is an interesting and exciting career is an understatement. Engineers contribute largely to their countries and communities by coming up with machines, tools and many other helpful stuff in improving the quality of life. Depending on your engineering interest and specificity, you can work in a wide range of careers including information technology, medical science, road construction, electrical world, mining and textile world. The options are way too many!

5. Lots of Travelling

Engineering involves travelling across borders to learn from others or contribute to their communities. The career is interesting as students get to travel anywhere in the world taking on challenging projects. If you want a versatile, flexible and rewarding career, take engineering as you will not only enjoy being part of technological advances but also going places to showcase your engineering knowledge.

6. Good salaries

Among the many benefits of engineers, a huge salary is one of them. This is contributed by the fact that there is a shortage of engineers in the field. All the engineering fields provide avenues for both full-time and part-time employment with attractive salaries compared to other disciplines. Petroleum engineering for instance is listed as one of the top careers with huge bucks in the US.

7. Good Lifestyle

Because of good salaries, engineers enjoy great lifestyles. They get to live expensive and quality lives out of work exploring their hobbies and interests. Financial security is guaranteed as an engineer hence better life for you and your family.

These are only a few reasons why doing an engineering course is truly worth it. The common engineering slogan of “pay now, play later” is very true. After the hard work and sacrifice, there are great rewards.

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