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7 Reasons You Should Hire a Job Hopper

Do you know that a job hopper may be your best hire? Despite all the negative talk about job hopping, people who jump from one job to another aren’t that bad. Most job hoppers have certain characteristics and skills that employers are quite fond of and are continually looking for in their employees.

This becomes apparent when you take a moment to think about a job hopper’s true intentions and why they likely to jump around. As recruitment expert Tricia Lucas says in her article citing Christopher Lake from the University of Minnesota and Scott Highhouse professor at Bowling Green University, there are three main groups of job hoppers. These are:

  1. The “escape-driven”
  2. The “advancement-driven”
  3. The “job survivors”

People in the first category are impulsive, they lack determination and are focused on negative emotions. On the other hand, the “advancement-driven” job hoppers are self-motivated and have a strong will for advancement and success. These people are the ones who constantly look for new opportunities challenging and equipping themselves with new experiences. Lastly, there are the job survivors who – as Tricia states, “[they] become the proactive master of their career so they don’t end up its passive victim” due to lack of job security.

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Out of these three types, the “advancement driven” job hoppers are the ones you should be looking to recruit. Here are 7 reasons why hiring these people isn’t such a great idea.

1. They Know What They Want

You might think that job hoppers keep changing jobs because they have no idea of what they are looking for, but for the majority, it’s the exact opposite. For the job hoppers who want to advance professionally, job hopping is a well-thought career management plan. They move through jobs to make something for themselves. They want to get the right skills and experience they need to excel in their field.

2. They Are Emotionally Intelligent

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Emotional intelligence is the most important skill of the future workforce. The ability to effectively connect with other people and understand their needs and concerns is essential not only when you have to communicate with clients but also when working with colleagues. For job hoppers, this ability comes more naturally because after all of the jumping around they learned a thing or two about human behaviour and conflict management.

3. They Have a Range of Expertise

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According to a CareerBuilder survey, more than half of employers say that job hoppers have a wide range of expertise. Apart from their strong knowledge in many different work settings and industries, they have come to learn about the best practices in their field – what works, what doesn’t as well as what’s trending. Job hoppers also have a large professional network which can be useful to any employer hoping to expand their business.

4. They Are Easier to Recruit

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It’s much easier to approach a job hopper and offer them a job, as they would probably accept it. They won’t do so because they are easy but given the fact most employers automatically reject job hoppers, it makes it easier for you to make them part of your team. On the plus side, their salary expectations are going to be lower in contrast to other job seekers.

5. They Are Likely to Be Top Performers

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Moving quickly through different jobs should be regarded as a skill of the top performers. This shows that they are highly ambitious, they have confidence in themselves, and they have the initiative to look out for better career opportunities. As an employer, you can tell if a candidate is a top performer by looking at their resume. So before you reject a job hopper, make sure you find out why they jumped around. Have they ‘moved up’ or down in their career?

6. They Are Flexible

Another quality job hoppers are famous for is their ability to learn quickly. Changing jobs have equipped them with adaptability, and made them more flexible allowing them to adjust in any work environment they are put in. As such they learn about work processes fast, they are more efficient in their job and can get along with anyone they work with regardless their age.

7. They Are Innovative

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The main reason these advancement driven job hoppers don’t stay in a job for long is because they don’t like stick to traditional forms of doing things, especially as far as it concerns their work. They like to experiment and give answers to the why’s and how’s of any problem they encounter. What they go after is innovation, and they aren’t afraid of change.

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The idea that jobseekers can’t hold a job and as such they are unstable, undependable and disloyal isn’t 100 percent true. After having the chance to get to know them better, would you hire a job hopper or not? Let me know what you think in the comments section below…

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