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7 Skills You Need to Be a Successful High School Teacher

A high school teacher may have good academic skills, have the ability to be a leader and make good lesson plans. However, if their personal skills are wanting they will not be effective at their work. A teacher is charged with a myriad of responsibilities that require good people skills.

The Ability to Teach

Holding credentials is not enough, teachers also need to have instructive skills. The passing on of information needs to work for the students. A teacher needs to know their needs, their style of learning and how they can teach a particular subject. In high school, there are a number of practical subjects; a teacher needs to be able to explain demonstrations and experiments. Ensure that concepts that are not easy to understand are simplified using memorable examples or props.

Communication Skills

A teacher communicates with students, fellow teachers, parents and other stakeholders. Your communication skills need to be exceptional to be effective in giving information, understand the different points of view from other people, explain the rationale for the choices you make in regards to teaching.

Being Adaptable

A teacher’s job is handling new students every year who come with their unique challenges and gifts. The individual student’s needs should be met and a teacher should be flexible in creating new approaches to meet their needs. Besides the students, administrators will also change from time to time and this will mean being able to adapt to the new requirements to incorporate them and be successful in your work.

Interpersonal skills

People skills add the effectiveness of a teacher. Any teacher should be inclined towards helping, loving to teach and creating warm relationships to boost learning. A pleasant teacher who has an engaging personality creates attentive and enthusiastic students. You will also be adept at handling students that may have learning difficulties or other disabilities that need special attention.

Creativity and Self-evaluation

Students get easily distracted and bored. A teacher needs to apply ingenuity to keep students interested and attentive. Subjects that may be bland call for adapting ways to brighten them up to keep students involved. A teacher needs to also periodically do very candid self-assessments; continually check if their methods of imparting knowledge are resourceful and if the students are being impacted. If not, what do you need to change in your approach?

Good Managers

As amiable as a teacher should be, they need to command respect and hold a leadership role. A teacher is to be looked up to and set apart by the students. Order and organization is also necessary for the planning of lessons, maintaining classrooms that are in order, paper work, the filing system, grading etc.

Having Patience

Dealing with students requires patience and understanding. Individuals come with their unique characteristics, learning styles, levels of intelligence and abilities. A teacher has to apply tact in dealing with each of them to meet their needs without losing empathy.

As a teacher you cannot successfully accomplish your goals without involving other stakeholders in educating a student. You need to be a team player and work closely with other teachers, parents and the school administration. This association will give you a better place in providing quality instructions to students.


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