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7 Things Not to Say to a Professional Content Marketer


As of late, content marketing has been all the rage for brands, companies and organizations to attract eyeballs to their products or services. From regular blog posting to guest posting, sponsored content and video content. Brands are seeking out media professionals to churn out content that will appeal to a mass audience, and then in turn create a bigger spotlight for the brand.

The role of a content marketer is important because if executed correctly then a brand can improve its sales, generate greater views and improve its authority in the industry. However, for some reason or another, brands that seek out content marketers tend to think they’re apotheoses that can dramatically revamp the brand, make content go viral and create $25,000 in sales each quarter.

A professional content marketer will know how to produce articles, edit videos and gain attention on social media. With that being said, these same individuals aren’t miracle workers - and they never claim to be. Content marketers can get peeved when they are given certain directives from clients that can be viewed as egregious, demanding and disingenuous.


Things Not to Say to a Professional Content Marketer:


1. Can you Make this Content Go Viral? 

This is likely one of the most annoying questions that a content or social media marketer will be asked. It’s important to remember that there isn’t a special tool that online marketers have to make something go viral and have something shared by millions of people on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. If something goes viral, it’s organic and not manipulated.

2. Can you Send the Content to my children so they can post it to social media? 

Just because millennials are the most tech-savvy generation around today, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can effectively market content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit. There’s a reason content marketers and social media professionals earn large sums of money because they know how to produce content and gain attention on social media. 

3. Can you Boost my Sales by 50 Percent with this Content? 

Similar to any other company in the marketplace, one person can’t force customers to buy a product or use a service. A customer buys something from a merchant because they think the product will benefit their life somehow. Content marketing simply brings your brand to the forefront and made known to prospective customers. 

4. Can you Produce Content that is Ultra Serious? We Cater to a Professional Clientele

Your clients may be in a professional industry, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor. Boring and dry content is the bane of any content marketer’s existence. Internet users have the attention span of a child and content can’t be too long or too boring. An effective content marketer will know how to incorporate the message with some humor.

5. Why Should I Pay for .GIF Images and Memes? I can do it Myself

Again, Internet readers don’t have the attention spans like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. This is why sometimes a content marketer will insert memes and .GIF images into an article or blog post. Look at BuzzFeed, most of their content is filled with .GIF photos, and it’s one of the most successful publications out there today. Also, content marketers don’t find random .GIF photos on the Internet, they actually seek out ones that can complement the post.

6. Can you Lower Your Rates? I Can Get Some Writer in India to Write 500-word Articles for $1. 

Uh, no. 

A writer from India could write 500 words, but will it be coherent? Let’s be honest: if they’re willing to be paid $1 for a 500-word article then they’re likely not that good to begin with. Sure, it’s just a buck but it will require further edits, more proofreading and perhaps even an entire rewrite. 

7. I’ll Only Use You for a Little While Because Social Media Will Eventually Die Out. 

As long as you pay the content marketer for the work they do then that’s great. You can have any opinion on the long-term feasibility of the social network market. However, social media is here to stay. With two billion people owning smartphones by next year and the exponential increase in connectivity, the Internet is likely to be here for a very long time.

Every single brand that wants to hire a content marketer has to realize that content is king. A content marketer understands this concept and will know how to effectively produce content that will place your company in a positive standing with consumers.

Are you a content marketer? Do you get asked these questions by clients? Do you find them annoying? Your thoughts and comments below please...


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