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WORKPLACE / JUL. 25, 2013
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7 Things You Shouldn’t Have On Your Desk at Work

 You spend around 8 hours of your day at your desk, which is almost a third of your day, so it is only natural that you personalize it to make it your own. While many people go over the top with foot stools, table mats and customized wall paper, it is important to keep it real. After all, it is your work place  - not your bedroom!

Here are 7 things you should NEVER have on your desk at work, no matter how much you want to:

1. Political Campaign Items

Whether you are left or right wing, politics should be left at the door when you are in the workplace. It is just one of those things you don’t talk about or promote at the office, so make sure your desk is void of any badges, coasters or other items to show your support for candidates or political parties.

2. Religion Icons

Just like politics, religion is one of those things you don’t bring up at work. No matter how much you want your desk to be a dedication to your religion, it is best to keep your personal beliefs out of work.

3. Fan Memorabilia

Making a shrine of Ryan Gosling at your desk is not an option - no matter how much you love him! Fan memorabilia is tempting, in the forms of calendars, coaster and pens - there is no end t it. It makes you look unprofessional and immature, so steer clear of it!

4. Inappropriate Pictures

Pictures of a night out, dancing drunkenly or racy photographs of your spouse are best in the privacy of your home. Sporting these pictures in the workplace not only makes you look bad, but it also makes other people uncomfortable.

5. Leftovers

Don’t forget to take your lunch bag home with everyday. Leaving it at work and collecting various leftover containers at the desk create an unpleasant smell and make your workplace look disorganized and unhygienic.

6. Collections

Displaying your entire Pikachu collection at your desk? Not so fast! Many people find it acceptable to cluuter their desk with their collections such as stamps, troll dolls or Barbies - but just don’t do it.

7. Scrap

A clean and organized workplace is a productive area to be in. Not when there are balls of scrap paper, tissues and other junk crowding your desk. Adopt a simplistic approach at work and just add a few tidbits to make it feel more homey - rather than bringing your entire home to work! 

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