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7 Tips on How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Or Your First Job)

There are is nothing more terrifying than the idea of the undead rising up and taking over the world….. or is there?  Your first job can be even more terrifying.  With that in mind, here is a guide to survive both; you’d be surprised how interchangeable the advice is.  By the end of this piece you will be able to fly through your first day and the dawn of the dead. 

       Don’t be Scared

Whether it’s a zombie attack or your first day, you have got this.  You are an intelligent awesome person and you have made it so far, you are going to make it!  You will learn everyone’s names with time (either in the office or in your zombie survival group).  You will learn your way around (the zombie proof places/the new office).  You will get the hang of your new life (in work or in the post-apocalyptic world)

       Choose your shoes carefully

Whether you’re running away from zombies or surviving in an office, uncomfortable shoes are a no-no.  You can’t get anything done if you are worrying about pain in your feet.  For office wear make sure they are smart and sensible.  For zombie apocalypse survival make sure you can run in them.

       Take in Lunch

When you are in a new place it’s much easier if you have your own lunch with you, not to mention a lot cheaper after all, you haven’t been paid yet.  During the Zombie apocalypse you will need more than one packed lunch so stock up on essential canned goods.  Don’t get these two bits of advice mixed up – you don’t want to be the weird newbie in the office now do you.

       Use Common Sense

When in a zombie apocalypse common sense is important, in a new job it is essential.  Asking questions is always a good way to learn, but don’t waste time asking questions that just need a bit of common sense. 

       Take Notes

Again this is an important thing to do for both a zombie apocalypse and your first job.  Taking notes means that you can know where the best zombie proof buildings are in your local area.  Where are the generators and the large food stores?  In your new role, take notes of everything you get told, it’ll give you something to refer back to when you have forgotten everything in the rush of your first week.

       Stay Organized

This is important again for both, whether you are fighting the undead or fighting the mountain of work you have been given, organization is the best solution to your problems.  Take time to plan your time.  Create reminders for tasks you’ll have to do on a weekly, daily and monthly basis.  Stay on top of your routine. 

Finally and possibly most importantly:

       Don’t get Bitten

This mainly applies for the zombie apocalypse but it is also wise advice for the world of work as well.  Getting bitten is a disaster when there are zombies afoot and pretty awful in the world of work.  Let’s be honest it’s just best avoided.

Do you have any other useful tips that can be used in either a zombie apocalypse or your first job? Your comments and thoughts below…

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