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7 Tools E-Marketers Can Use To Boost Their Sales

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Turning website visitors into customers requires constant analysis and effective marketing strategies. Online marketing is a powerful way to promote your products and services, however, it is difficult to predict every changing trend. Thanks to the rise of countless tools which have helped brands fine-tune their techniques, there are now several tools you can use for strong e-marketing, such as Referral CandySocial Mention and Extole. In terms of boosting your sales, you can use the following tools:

1. Join Daily Deals

Among those few daily deal websites, Groupon and Living Social are the two great options. These websites offer consumers great deals on products of their choice. There is a good chance for you to sell services at affordable prices. Generate leads in a fairly short period of time and increase the awareness of your brand to maximize your earnings.

2. Go for Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best inbound marketing software available. It provides everything you need to improve your e-marketing strategies. Hubspot attracts leads through blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and videos; thus, you haveve the chance to optimize your business, and spread the message of your brand’s fame on social media websites.

3. Exacttarget is Great

As a part of Salesforce, Exacttarget integrates various tools to manage your digital marketing. This service allows you to improve your brand and reach consumers. You can create professional email using Exacttarget, and enjoy its marketing automation option. On the whole, this multi-channel platform will ease your e-marketing, giving a new edge of success to your business.

4. Marketo; A Brilliant Platform

Marketo is a brilliant marketing automation platform that helps you to develop multi-channel campaigns. With its powerful and highly-integrated options, you can create professional logo, reach social media consumers, and enjoy big success.

5. Install Marin Software

Use Marin Software, an all-in-one online marketing platform, to specialize in internet advertising management. This software offers you complete marketing solutions to earn huge revenues; from paid search to display advertising, and from social advertising to mobile advertising, it has everything to improve your sales.

6. Why Ginzametrics

Ginzametrics helps you find and optimizekeywords that best fit your brand. You can greatly improve your website traffic with this platform. Access its dashboard to monitor the business progress, get social media recommendations, and adapt other strategies to enjoy success in business.


7. SEMrush

Online industry is full of voices, but you should ignore most of them. The very nature of online marketing creates strong incentives for those who peddle services like SEO, paid searches, and social networks to speak out. SEMrush is an SEO software that is used by professional SEOs and e-marketers to analyze keywords of their competitors. By comparing the traffic stats and ranked keywords, you can get maximum outputs. SEMrush features with Google keyword planner, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool to ease your work. It has many campaign ideas for marketers to get inspiration for their multiple products.


All strategies have one thing in common; they aim to focus on quality offers, best practicality and accessibility. Getting the results you want from your marketing still comes down to how well you’re familiar with your target audience.

What do you think will be the future of online marketing? Let us know your thoughts!

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