LEADERSHIP / FEB. 23, 2016
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7 Types of Employees You Should Fire Right Now [Infographic]

It seems that some people’s personalities mean they simply cannot work effectively with other people no matter how hard they try. You almost certainly employ some of these people and come into contact with them every single day. But, you cannot just put these people into one category, there are at least seven different categories that you can use to describe and divide them up.

This great infographic created by Taskworld explains that difficult workplace personalities such as Mr. Know-It-All or the Office Thief just can’t fit into your company and may be causing you more harm than good. As such it may be high time to get rid of them…

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Take a look at this infographic and let me know if you recognise any of them at work. Feel free to share any thoughts or, in this case, concerns in the comments section below…

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