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7 Unorthodox Rituals of Outstanding Leaders - Infographic

Wonder how some of the world’s top-notch entrepreneurs make it to lead the way in their chosen industry? Well, the first and primary step is to get out of your comfort zone and act outside of the box when doing business. Yes, originality is paramount when it comes to leadership. The examples of these 7 business leaders are indicative of how unconventional practices can help you stay ahead of the game and succeed in every aspect of business.

Next Generation, Ireland’s top talent acquisition firm, compiled this infographic, which highlights 7 unorthodox practices that give today’s outstanding leaders a competitive edge:

Richard Branson: Virgin Group’s founder stimulates his best ideas when on the move so move away from your desk if you want to spark creativity.

Jeff Bezos: The CEO of Amazon.com and his team read through a specially prepared 6-page memo when they start their meetings.

Michael O’Leary: In order to create awareness about Ryanair’s new destination, Ryanair’s CEO, dressed as the Pope when the airline opened a new route to Rome.

Mark Parker: The CEO of Nike considers balance a lot. Therefore, he organizes his notebook in such a way so as to keep both sides of his brain in balance. One page is used for sketches and the opposite page is for business brainstorming.

Arianna Huffington: The head of Huffington Post Media Group takes the ancient quote A healthy mind in a healthy body” seriously. So she urges everyone at Huffington Post to mediate, unplug and make the most of yoga, breathing classes and nap rooms to reinvigorate their well-being.

Warren Buffet: In the core of Buffet’s success strategy is the practice of reading and thinking so as to make more informed and less impulsive decisions.

Elon Musk: Musk’s philosophy suggests that we should relate new ideas to fundamental principles (such as transport) instead of existing things (such as cars).

Get inspiration from these outstanding leaders’ rituals and think of your own interesting habits to keep your spirits high and network your way to the success. 

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