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7 Ways Your Company's Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Social media is on top of the list of most businesses and marketers. If they master the art of social media marketing, then they’re halfway there to getting sales, generating revenues, and producing brand ubiquity. With a crowded social media arena, it can be hard to break through all of the noise, spam and incessant banter.

When it comes to the right social media strategy, there are various dos and don’ts. Employing the wrong measures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram can lead to bad publicity, a loss in profits, and a diminishing audience. Without the proper social media netiquette, your business can lose out on an important marketing scheme.

Many businesses fail in this venue because they haven’t performed their research, they haven’t hired a social media marketing firm or they are rather desperate to gain as many followers as possible in a short amount of time. Of course, this creates sloppiness, an abundance of errors and an audience more likely to ignore you.

Want to perform well in the social media industry? Here are seven ways your company’s social media strategy is failing:

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1. Not Being Social

The main word in social media is social. If you’re not actively participating in social media by sharing, commenting and following, then your marketing strategy will become a failure. If a customer finds a brand’s social media profile and sees inactivity, then they really won’t pay attention to your brand.

2. Lacking Gratitude

Gratitude marketing has become one of the biggest trends in the world of marketing. Giving thanks to your audience helps a lot because it shows how gracious you are for their participation in the growth of your brand. Also, a brand can do more than just give a word of thanks: sharing a funny or informative content piece, offering a five percent discount, or providing a list of other social media links can suffice.

3. Your Brand Is Constantly Bragging

It’s fantastic that your small business is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing brands in your respective industry in your country’s region. It’s also great that your sales shot up 27 percent in the last quarter. However, constantly bragging to your social media audience will only create annoyance, resentment and unfollows. Staying humble and practicing humility is definitely a better route than showcasing your greatness.

4. Using Every Popular Hashtag

In recent years, brands have made some deplorable choices by incorporating some very popular but irrelevant hashtags to their social media marketing strategies. For instance, you’re a carpet company and for some reason you’re inserting "#BieberRoast" or "#MasterOfAllWisdom" into your tweets. The crowd will simply shake their heads in disappointment. It’s even worse when brands use mournful hashtags in their campaigns.

5. Ignoring Your Audience

Customers are following your brand, placing compliments, making inquiries and sharing content. Unfortunately, your social media marketing manager is completely ignoring them. Engagement is imperative in executing the right social media strategy. Without engagement, customers will be dissatisfied with the company and refuse to check them out on a regular basis.

6. Sharing Poor Quality

As part of your marketing initiative, you’ve decided to employ content marketing techniques or you’ve found interesting articles to share with others. Well, it turns out that those reports are filled with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and incorrect information. This turns off consumers very much. Also, be on the lookout if the content is too political or controversial.

7. Moving Forward Without a Strategy

Finally, instead of developing an in-depth strategy, your business has decided to wing it. Each strategy has to take into account automatic postings, popular hashtags, timed tweets, and so on. Without a detailed strategy, your brand will fail in this realm and not capitalize on an important market.

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Entrepreneurial neophytes tend to believe that it’s near impossible to get noticed on social media. Due to the tens of millions of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram users, how could your account get seen by these people? Well, with the right strategy, dedication, and some investment, your brand can quickly become prevalent on an array of social networks.

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