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8 Entrepreneurship Lessons College Didn’t Teach New Grads

College is a step towards adulthood, but the transition from graduate to entrepreneur can feel a little complicated. Afterall, there isn't a set path for becoming a successful entrepreneur; the empty clichés, quotes and so-called helpful tips can't truly prepare you for the important truth that: being a successful entrepreneur is down to the individual, not a guide book.  One of the most relevant points to consider though, is having the ability to grow both professionally and personally from your college years to becoming an adult.

With this in mind, follow these tips to help you on your journey from college to becoming a successful business professional:

  1. Attendance is ALWAYS mandatory: While in college you are allowed to skip some lessons, but in the real world there is no space for this. Rain or shine, young entrepreneurs need to show up and do so in a punctual fashion.
  2. Scheduling isn’t set in stone: During college you would have attended classes Monday - Friday, but as an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to come in to work on weekends too!
  3. Free time isn’t free: You would have enjoyed long breaks during college, but running a startup means that these holiday breaks are a thing of the past. Untill you are running successfully, you need to be available 24/7! While most friends will be in a nine-to-five job and attending happy hours, you will be focusing on your business plan.
  4. Multitasking is important, but focus is the key: At college you are forced to balance four to six completely different topics per semester; however in real life, you will need to prioritize to stay focused on the main goal.
  5. Friends aren’t just drinking buddies anymore: As an entrepreneur, you are going to have rough patches. You will need your friends to support you emotionally in these difficult times.
  6. Politics and business relationships don’t mix: After graduation your views might have stayed the same but you have to be a little more cautious about your actions.
  7. You are on your own: You have to pave your own way. Your decision to become an entrepreneur already means that you’re a searcher so take chances where others wouldn’t.
  8. No one cares about grades: Running a startup has less to do with scoring an A+ on your business plan and more to do with successful execution. So if you don't do as well as you hoped to in college, this does not automatically mean that you cannot become a very successfull and wealthy entrenpreneur!



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