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SOCIAL MEDIA / AUG. 12, 2015
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8 Free Tools For Social Media Design

When it comes to social media design, there are now more apps, programs, and websites than ever before. Many products are totally free to use, despite having developers who are constantly trying to improve the apps and products.

It used to be that if you wanted to produce high quality social media content you had to hire designers with special software in order to create them. But these days the power is literally in your own hands. Anyone can use some of the free tools listed in this article to create awesome content that gets liked, shared, commented on, and followed.

Read through this article, try out a few of the services and tools listed, practice a little bit, and you too can create awesome content without hiring a professional designer of your own. Don’t forget to check out all the options listed so you can find the tools that work best for your individual needs!

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1. Canva: Create pretty much any social media content you could imagine

Canva, in my opinion, is hands down the best tool out there for people looking to create awesome content for their social media campaigns or advertising. Canva is totally free, but also offers pay per use options for some of the premium photos and features of the applications.

Canva allows you to create social media square images, blog graphics, infographics, headers for pretty much every social media site, and you can even create custom sized photos that look best on the social media site of your choosing. Canva allows you to create media that looks great on: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, so it covers all the major stops.

Aside from many of the other options of canva, it allows you to create custom text, upload custom photos (or use some of canvas photos). It gives you a lot of different icons and clip art options, and it allows you to freely edit these creations to change backgrounds, text, colors, and even filters. Quite simply, canva is pretty much the ultimate tool for someone to create awesome social media content. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Other options for these type of features include:

Powerpoint templates



Adobe Photoshop


These other options can be used to create awesome social media content as well, and they offer more ways to customize your images, but they are also require more working knowledge and work from the user.

2. Create awesome infographics has a ton of special features that easily make it one of the best options for you to create awesome infographics that get shared and re-shared again and again. allows you to embed videos, social sharing buttons, images, graphs, and data into an easy to use editing tool that allows you to create custom made infographics.

As sites like Pinterest grow in popularity, infographics have become a very popular way to illustrate points and get your followers engaged with your message. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to infographics, they might be worth one hundred thousand.


3. Photopin: free creative commons photos that you can use in content creation

Looking for photos that you can use freely in the process of creating some awesome content? Try out PhotoPin. While there are tons of sites like photopin out there on the world wide web, PhotoPin is very easy to use, gives you the option to download photos in whatever size works best for you, and offers a wide selection of photos based off of the keyword search you use.

PhotoPin shows you some stock photos that you can purchase based on your keyword search, but you can also find tons of high quality images that you can edit and use as you see fit.

Other options for finding awesome creative commons photos include:





4. Pictaculous: Find and create custom color palettes

Ever tried to put together a social media image and ended up having trouble with finding colors that go together to create a great looking image in the end? No more, thanks to pictaculous. Pictaculous gives you the ability to upload a photo and have it examine the colors present in the photo, after which, it gives you custom recommendations for what colors you should use to compliment your photo!

5. Best Font: Edit your photos on your mobile phone, add text, filters, or other effects

Best font is a great app for the person on the go that wants to create unique and great looking photos on their mobile phone. Best font gives you the ability to import photos and add fonts, filters, effects, colors, or many different effects to your photos all from your mobile phone. Best font is a great choice for creating social media content while on your smartphone, and it gives you the ability to save directly to your phone or share directly to social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Other mobile options for editing your photos and creating custom social media content can be found below:

Font Studio


Designs Pro


6. Social Image resizer tool: easily resize photos to fit social media sites based off of their requirements

The social media resizer tool is a great option if you already have the content created that you want, but you want an easy way to resize it to better fit the individual social media networks. You can use social image resizer tool to crop, resize, or eliminate parts of a photo to make it fit the size that you really need.

Other options for resizing photos to fit your needs:


Adobe Photoshop

7. Photovisi: create photo collages that look great

Photovisi allows you to make custom photo collages when you want to share multiple photos within one single social media post. Photovisi also allows you to add text, background, and graphics to your collages.

Other options for creating beautiful photo collages:



8. Pattern Library: find and download patterns and background for use in your designs

Pattern library gives you the ability to search a variety of different patterns and background textures that you can use while creating awesome images and picture content that you share on social media.

Other options for finding and downloading patterns and textures for your designs:

Subtle Patterns

webdesigner lab

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While creating high quality designs and images from your social media campaigns is very important, it doesn’t take hiring a full time or freelance designer to create these things in today’s age. The tools in this article give you the ability to find and download free images, backgrounds, and templates; they give you the ability to resize your graphics and designs to better fit the social media site of your choosing, and, they can help you in the process of actually creating your content, giving you the ability to create images, infographics, custom photos, or just about anything else you could imagine.

As the internet grows, more and more companies will be founded on creating awesome products to help their customers. Like most industries, the design industry is growing through a period of rapid change as people just like you and me get more access to products that can do the jobs that designers get paid to perform.

Do you have any other programs that you would like to recommend for our readers, or have any feedback about any of the sites on this list? Leave a comment below and share what you know, because we all have something we can learn from others.

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