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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 09, 2015
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8 Most Hated Jobs in 2015

It’s not you; it’s your job. There are certain jobs out there that are a little bit more loathsome than others, some so universally hated that they even supersede time itself, quick example: tax-collector. But, it’s 2015 and beyond hating the tax inspector (or at least the guy that sends you the tax letter) there are many more professions that will get you society’s collective stink eye. This list is huge; So, I’m only going to cover 8. If I skipped a job that you hate with the intensity of seven suns, feel free to add your hateful contribution to the end of the list.

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You have all the responsibility and none of the credit when things are going well, but then something goes wrong, the economy collapses or there is a vanilla pudding deficit. Guess who’s effigy their burning in city streets and squares? Yours!


You get all the crappy jobs society refuses to do themselves: defending violent criminals, telling people they’re in trouble and helping disgruntled workers get back and their wrongfully-terminating bosses. It’s not your fault, you’re just trying to make a living right?

Traffic Cop

Without law enforcement, society would collapse into anarchy and chaos. Or perhaps just stay parked for another few minutes at a broken parking meter, big whoop-dee-do, don’t you have any dangerous jay-walking toddlers to deal with?


No, I’m not talking about the loud overly enthusiastic TV infomercial spokesperson. I’m talking about the poor souls that spend eight hours a day, cold-calling people trying to convince them that cat sweaters are newest and biggest thing, incessantly, even if you don’t have a cat…I can kind of see now.


You try to keep them healthy, yet they not only hate visiting you, they fear you…you know what? Being feared is almost the same as respect…just depends how you look at it.


You only go there when you’re sick, or if you are one of those compulsive types you go once a year for a physical. Every time you go there the doctor tells you not to eat this, not to drink that and not to inject these. I mean he/she’s such a buzzkill, all you want to do after work is have a dozen beers, a 64 ounce Baconator Double burger and watch a marathon of Lost. Where’s the harm in that?


The doctor of the car…as much as people loathe going to the doctor and the dentist, they probably equally loath going to the mechanic…because people only go there when they have (an assumedly expensive) problem. Because no matter how many times you tell them they need to come in for routine maintenance you will be ignored until their engine bursts into flames on the side of the highway.


Managers are usually people’s bosses, and most people don’t like bosses thus they don’t like managers. If you’re casual friendly and jovial, you’re too “hands-off”, and if you run a tight ship, you’re a “slave driving son of a b*tch that has about as much humanity as a rotten potato”. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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Did I miss a job you hate? Let me know in the comment section below!

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