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8 Office Products That Will Make Your Day Better


Life at the office can be a bit boring, so why not find a few things to bring joy and happiness to your life at work? That’s right, we’re talking about epic office gadgets!

The items below will be the PERFECT thing to take the hum-drum out of your work days, and you’ll find that they’re both fun and handy (though some will be more fun than anything else!):

#1 USB Rocket Launcher

This is an epic toy to own! Not only does it fire rockets at unsuspecting co-workers, but you can do so using your computer to control the thing. Get a few of these rocket launchers for your coworkers and start your own secret office war!

#2 Coffee Mug Heating Pad

Coffee can be pretty gross when it loses its heat, but thanks to this Mr. Coffee heating pad, your coffee will stay hot forever! Just place the mug onto the pad, turn it on, and let the pad heat up your coffee anytime you want a hot cuppa Joe.

#3 CyberClean

Who doesn’t love silly putty? This isn’t just awesome as a toy for when you’re stressed, but it also makes for one heck of a keyboard cleaner! Anytime you feel like your keyboard is in need of cleaning, unplug it, press the CyberClean putty into the spaces between the keys, and get that keyboard nice and clean again.

#4 Laser Keyboard

With this epic gadget, you can type anywhere, and on any surface! Easily connected to any smartphone or tablet, this device projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It makes it much easier to work on the go!

#5 Self Stirring Mug

Sick and tired of your coffee being bitter at the top and overly sweet at the bottom? With this self-stirring mug, you can ensure that your coffee is always perfectly stirred and ready to drink.

#6 Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

If you can’t get out to do as much exercise as you’d like, let this elliptical trainer help you fit in your workout at the office. Place it under your desk and keep it spinning all morning long. You’ll find that you burn A LOT more calories than you’d expect!

#7 Heated Gloves

If you’re tired of your hands being cold every day, you want a pair of heated gloves. Chargeable via USB, these gloves contain a battery that will bring the heat no matter how cold the winter gets. Once you get used to typing in the gloves, it will make for one heck of a toasty work day!

#8 Flingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

Imagine the hilarious look on your buddy’s face as this monkey comes hurtling towards him, screaming at the top of its lungs. The Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey is the gadget that will set you on your way to becoming the office prankster!

Get your hands on these office products, and you’ll never have a boring work day ever again! Just make sure your boss doesn’t see you goofing off...

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