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8 On-Campus Jobs That Will Boost Your Resume

By putting your twitter and Photoshop skills to good use, you can earn good money and valuable career experience without even having to leave your college grounds! Find out how below:  

  1. Plan events for your school’s alumni association: A position as a student-alumni liason will help you along the road. You can use your organizational and creative skills to organize events and panels for visiting alums. The position will also require a fair amount of cold calling, which might seem daunting, but it’s a critical skill to have in a pretty much any job, from journalism to PR and Marketing. 
  2. Tutor students and foreigners: You could teach Microsoft Office, Photoshop or English as a second language. While it might not have a direct effect on your career trajectory, it will help you with articulation and presentation skills.
  3. Tweet for your college: Get paid to be a Twitter brand ambassador for your school while boosting your social media skills. Most universities have a Twitter account, not to mention separate accounts for each department and sports club. They constantly need to be updated to keep current and prospective students as well as huge alumni networks of what’s going on.
  4. Photoshop images for a school publication: For sure there is a student newspaper or a college magazine where you can retouch some of the photos before posting or publishing them. This is an important skill to have for students interested in media, graphic design and fashion.
  5. Assist your professor: Lean towards what your academic goals are and see if you can get a job matched to your career goal.
  6. Help manage your university’s sport team: If you are more interested in medicine or athletic management, then apply for team manager or trainer’s assistant. You might even get the opportunity to travel with the team.
  7. Produce a school play: Take photos of the play and create a portfolio. This will become handy if you decide to apply to any fine arts programs. This type of postition also testifies to your leadership and organizational skills. 
  8. Become a brand ambassador: Help to generate awareness for their products. Businesses may even offer you a few dollards per user you recruit to sign up for the website. It is a good way to get an insider look into a company marketing strategy.
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