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8 Tech Tools for Busy Professionals


Still trying your hardest to attain the illusory work/life balance; to do more with less; to find ways of working smarter, not harder? Heavy sigh. But fret no longer – here are eight superb, time-saving apps that should help you on your way to work/life balance nirvana.

1. Adobe EchoSign

Adobe EchoSign is a wonderful app that allows you to e-sign documents and forms, to send documents to colleagues or clients for sign-off, monitor responses as they happen, and secure e-signatures in real time. Perfect for busy pros on the move.

2. Dragon Dictation

Not good with typing? Worry not – Dragon Dictation is a simple to use, voice-recognition app where you simply dictate your emails, reports or updates and it will transcribe the lot for you. The best part? You can use the app when you’re hands-free; so, rather than twiddling your thumbs on your commute, why not use the time to dictate a few important emails instead, or start working on your next blog post? The app also allows you to see the text content instantly, so you can make any necessary corrections.

3. Quicklytics

Quicklytics supports an uncapped number of Google Analytics accounts, so you can obtain information about a number of your websites at the same time. The app gives you the most crucial data: page views, number of visitors, and bounce rate, for example. You can also use the information to create a range of reports, ecommerce or content.

4. Mr. Postman

No time to type out routine emails or write letters? The Mr. Postman app could be just the thing you’re looking for (but don’t know it). Mr. Postman helpfully allows you to send “proper”, signed correspondence to anyone: businesses, organisations, and individuals by writing text into your device and tapping on some buttons. Mr. Postman also has handy templates you can use, too, and allows you to save letters as templates.

5. Citymapper

In a rush? Citymapper gives you A-B route planning, useful travel information such as real-time traffic disruptions, and a range of alerts to help you minimise transport delays.

6. ParkMe

Is much of your time spent in the car, driving to meetings? And are you often looking for a place to park your car that’s close to where you need to be? If so, ParkMe could be for you. The app shows you where to find all the available parking spots near your destination, and gives you opening times and prices, too.

7. Shoeboxed

Do you dread preparing your expenses – all those receipts you have to find and gather together at the end of the month? Cue Shoeboxed. All you need to do is scan all your receipts using your phone or other device and the app will organise them all, ready to be sent to your expenses department. There’s a whole lot more you can do with the app, too, such as scanning business cards and tracking mileage.

8. Swipetimes

A consistent theme of productivity is the importance of keeping track of how you spend your time. Swipetimes will track the time you spend on various activities. You can also let the app know when you switch to a different activity; for example, when you need to go on your lunch break. The app will help you confront how you really spend your time, which will let you know if you need to make any changes to your daily habits to improve your productivity.

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These great tech tools will help you save time, minimise delays, keep you up-to-date with important information, and increase your productivity at work. Which are your favourite time-saving apps?

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