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8 Things You Can Learn From El Zorro

When we were kids we all wanted to be el Zorro. We dressed up like him, we copied his moves, and we watched all his movies. We are not kids anymore, however we can still learn a lot from our hero.

Here are some lessons:

  1. Training is the key to success. Zorro spent hours and hours training him for the big fight. Either for searching a job or for normal life we should train ourselves. Be ready for our big fight! We also need that secret room, the same dedication and perseverance in order to level up our skills. Training time is sacred.
  2. Learn from the guru. El Zorro did it and you must as well. He practiced and failed. He even disobeyed his master and went for a run without being completely trained to battle. And you should too. Take the risk. It’s all part of the learning process. Once in a while forget about the master, experiment, try different strategies. Disobey and go for a run, who knows, you could end up somewhere nice.
  3. Fight until the Death. El Zorro wins no matter what. You, jobseekers, also win no matter what. You just have to take failure as the process to get there. Keep trying until your muscles can’t hold themselves anymore. Only then should you reconsider.
  4. Believe. In the beginning, El Zorro doubts of himself. He was not sure he could embrace the journey being offered by the master. That is completely normal and jobseekers often doubt their own skills. Want to make something incredible happen? Believe.
  5. Have a best companion. He taught us how Tornado, his horse, was a loyal friend. They supported each other even when times were tough. We should take a hint and put it to practice when searching for a job. Find someone to give you support throughout the process.
  6. Be humble and kind. El Zorro reached a big crowd. Everybody praised him, the masses loved him. Why? Because he saved them from tyranny. He did something for them. Social Media or blogs can help you to share something with everybody. You can write about your experience searching for job, about things you are talented at, write articles, comment on blogs, etc.
  7. Help Others. El Zorro trained, learned, believed, fought until death, wore black, was humble, had a best companion and kissed Catherine Zeta Jones with a unique purpose. To help others. It’s the main reason we were put in this world.
  8. Wear the proper suit. El Zorro was always wearing his mask and his black cape. When searching a job it is very important to wear the appropriate clothes. Search for a nice but serious suit that fits you, and you will be ready for your fight!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Be el Zorro!


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