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WORKPLACE / MAR. 23, 2015
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8 Tips to Jumpstart Your Monday at Work

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For nearly every worker, Monday is the most hated day. After two days of being in a jovial, celebratory and relaxed mood, you are now coerced into being a productive, organized and steady worker, even if you don’t want to be. Although it is easier said than done, don’t let the Monday blues get you down.

It’s always best to take a positive approach to Monday. This first day back at work can be focused on gaining success, turning around your quality, rejuvenating your career or saving money by not eating out on Mondays. Whatever it is, you have to jumpstart your Monday and refrain from thinking about how you wish you had an extra day off.

Here are eight tips to jumpstart you Monday at work and tackle the Monday Blues:

1. Don't Let Monday Rule You

Refuse to allow Mondays to dominate your life and prohibit it from ruling you. This means that Monday should be viewed as an opportunity rather than the bane of your existence. Welcome Mondays with open arms, even if it’s difficult to do.

2. Be Positive About Success

When Monday rolls around, don’t start thinking about the dreaded assignments, the nauseating water cooler talk and the pre-lunchtime meeting. Instead, think about how much you’re going to get done this week, and Monday will be the first step towards that road of success. In other words, be positive about success when 8:45 a.m. comes Monday.

3. Boost Your Energy Levels

Indeed, you think you’re healing your weekend wounds by chomping on an apple fritter, drinking a latte and preparing that leftover hamburger for lunch. Not only is this bad for your health, it’s also a deterrent to achieving a productive and happy Monday at work. Instead, try chewing and imbibing healthier food and beverage items, such as carrots and water, apples and orange juice, celery and mineral water.

4. Manage Your Time Wisely

If you usually don’t have an established game plan coming into work on Mondays, then start producing one. Let’s face it: if you have a dedicated schedule that is wisely timed out then your day will be less unbearable and a lot more tolerable because you already have a plan for Monday.

5. Stay Focused on Your Day's Tasks

During the entire Monday, stay focused on your job duties and office tasks. Rather than reminiscing about your weekend’s boating trip or how much you want to go to that motion picture the following weekend, maintain your attention on your current responsibilities. Remember, those outings can only be afforded if you have a job, and you excel every day.

6. Clean & Organize Your Vicinity

Aside from eating unhealthy foods, a disorganized office space and a desk in disarray can diminish your working experience ten-fold. The remedy to this problem is to either clean and organize your desk at the end of Friday or arrive to work 10 minutes early on Monday and declutter your desk.

7. Download Productivity Apps

Do you have trouble maintaining or increasing your productivity levels? Well, have you ever thought about downloading any productivity applications for either your desktop or mobile device? These apps can serve as glorious aids to your workday. Perform a search on the AppStore or Google Play for the right one for your job.

8. Time

Yes, there are 18,800 seconds left until your eight-hour shift is over. But who’s counting? In all seriousness, do not stare at the clock all day. Just because it was 10:15 a.m. a couple of minutes ago, it doesn’t mean it’ll be 2:15 p.m. a couple of minutes from now. Staring at the clock is counterproductive and only makes time go slower.

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There is nothing more permanent than death, taxes...and Mondays. Similar to guerilla warfare, use your weakness as your strength. Think about it: if Monday is your most hated and unproductive day then by turning it into one of your favorite days you’ll be able to accomplish your goals at work. Happy Monday!

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