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8 Top Companies Offering Terrible Salaries

Everyone wants to work at a company where they feel valued and properly compensated for their time. Unfortunately, America is full of companies and corporations that just don't pay their employees enough. If you're looking for a good job where you can earn a decent wage, it's best to stay away from the companies below:


The #1 coffee house in the world may make delicious drinks, but the poor man or woman behind the counter is not being paid well to make them. The average wage earned by Starbucks employees is under $9 per hour--less than McDonalds workers earn! You'd think that the company--with a $13.3 billion revenue-- could afford to pay a bit better!


Wal-Mart currently employs over 1.4 million people in the U.S. alone, making it one of the top jobs providers in the country. They claim that the salary is $12.38 for full-time workers, but this number is most likely the salary of the higher-paid worker. According to, the average sales associate in Wal-Mart earns under $9.00 per hour.


As Wal-Mart's #1 competition, Target should offer their employees better compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, those on the sales floor of Target earn as much as Wal-Mart employees do--less than $9 per hour. That's 361,000 workers earning barely above minimum wage.


McDonalds employs nearly 740,000 people, few of which are paid well for the hours they spend slaving away in the hot kitchens serving up food barely more edible than the cardboard in which it came packaged. The average McDonald's worker earns the minimum wage, and the company even encourages their workers to enroll in welfare and food stamps programs.

Yum! Brands

KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell all belong to this corporation, which is famous for its poor quality food and even worse wages. Nearly 695,000 people work in the many eateries around the country, but they earn less than $8 per hour in many cases. That's barely more than the $7.25 minimum wage!

Darden Restaurants

You may love to eat at Olive Garden and Red Lobster, but you certainly don't want to work there! These restaurants employ workers that earn less than $10 per hour, though tips do help to balance out the poor pay. Despite being one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013, the wage seems far too low to be fair.

Sears Holdings

Sears and K-Mart are owned by this corporation, which saw a revenue of $39.9 billion in 2013 alone. The average sales associate salary is barely over $8 per hour, while the average cashier only nets $7.70. That's 246,000 workers being paid a less-than-fair wage.


Macy's Inc. has increased their revenue in the last few years, so why can't they seem to increase the salaries of their workers? Associates earn under $9 per hour, and that's with a full day of strolling the massive store!

It seems that the more successful a company is, the less and less it pays its employees! All of the companies on this list are the largest chains in the U.S., and they are the ones to avoid if you want a good, well-compensated job.

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