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8 Web Tools to Make Life Easier for Professional Writers

The life of a professional freelance writer is both interesting and difficult but rewarding for a creative person. It’s fun to get inventive and write from the imagination as a creative writer. Non-fiction writers get to dig deeper and uncover facts and figures while researching for articles. Both aspects can be fun, but the hard part is finding work and places to submit writing content to. With enough pressure from that factor, why not try to lighten the load and check out these 8 inventive web tools to assist in your writing career.

# 1 Ubernote is an online resource which helps you organize your life – with tools that you are already using. You can upload your notes, various files, website bookmarks, videos and any ideas you find or come up with on to Ubernote. Their main web application works well with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. They have a mobile site which works well with the iPhone and Blackberry devices. Attachments can easily be sent out through email. There is a bookmarklets system where content from the web can be quickly clipped. The best part about this resource is that the data you upload is organized so that you can easily come back to it and you can have millions of notes safely stored and accessed online from anywhere.

# 2 Wridea is an online idea management service and brainstorming tool. This is a great resource for freelance writers who are looking to organize their ideas and have a singular place to consolidate them. Wridea allows members to sign up for free and improve on ideas by sharing them online with others for critiquing. They also offer online tools to assist in improving ideas individually.  

# 3 Copyscape is another great resource for freelance writers and bloggers. You can utilize this online tool as a free plagiarism checker. If you have any question that you are actually generating original ideas, you can use this online software to detect duplicate content online. If you are collecting articles from other guest bloggers for your blog or website, you can use this tool to make certain you’re receiving original content.

# 4 Writing.com is an online community which is committed to helping writers to develop their skillset. There are both free and paid membership options. The objective for members is to read, write and review others’ works. They offer a unique and creative environment for writers to encourage and inspire each other. They hold many writing contests and other activities as well as great writing tools to improve your skills. One of the nice features they offer is their iPhone app which provides writing prompts to inspire writers.

# 5 Critique Circle is a great resource for writing critiques and collaboration. The community is free to join and they offer a variety of writing workshops with many different features as a way to improve writing skills. This is a unique opportunity to become a better writer and meet other writers online for encouragement and inspiration.

# 6 Autocrit is a resource which authors will love as a tool for editing their books. This editing wizard finds hundreds of problems instantly, such as slow pacing, overused words and clichés. There is no software to download and the system is available 24 hours a day. You will receive your editing report in seconds. There is a free trial period for this system.  

# 7 LooseStitch is a web tool which professional writers can utilize for brainstorming. Writers can create and share outlines in document form with others for critique and collaborative purposes. Writers can get feedback from others and receive help for issues with writer’s block. This is a paid service for members to join as a single package, friend or a corporate package.   

# 8 Visual Thesaurus is an online thesaurus and dictionary resource. This web tool has over 145,000 words in the database. Users can explore the system using an interactive map. This is a wonderful tool for writers who are visual thinkers.  

Freelance writing is a fun job for the right type of creative person who enjoys thinking creatively and doing proper research. The 8 web tools listed above can make every writer’s life easier and more enjoyable while working on their craft.


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