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9 Reasons to Choose Freelance Writing as a Career

Love the thought of being a self-employed writer but too scared to take the plunge? We give you 9 reasons to consider a career in freelance writing.

Benefits to a career in freelance writing

Never before have the opportunities to make a sustainable living from a freelance writing career been more of a possible reality than the present. Largely thanks to the advent of the internet, wordsmiths can have it all. The written word has come a long way. From humble beginnings on stone tablets to parchment to paper to cyberspace, as long as humans draw breath, there will be a market for words to be written.

Each writer may have his or her own reasons for leaving the well-trodden path of the traditional working world. Let us look at 9 common and some uncommon reasons why wordsmiths leave the confining shackles of a 9 to 5 work day and embrace freelance writing as a career.

  1.      Flexible working hours. Owning your time has to be the most attractive and number 1 reason to become a freelance writer. Be at your own beck and call. You decide where, when and the number of hours you work. Having flexible working hours works helps women with families especially have it all. You can make time for your family and carve a niche for yourself as a businesswoman. Being a supermom can be made possible by a freelance writing career.
  2.      Work experience. Starting off as a freelancer is a valuable opportunity to gain work experience and build a portfolio. Seeing that the world of writing – for the web or print – has an extensive list of opportunities: writing corporate profiles for the web, copy for marketing campaigns, digital journalism for ezines. Websites such as Writtent that provides guidance to freelance writers are worth their weight in gold. Freelancing can give you a feel for an area in which to specialise or it can allow you to diversify and master a few areas.
  3.      Creative assignments. Freelancing offers you the luxury of being able to choose which writing assignments you accept.   If business style writing is not your cup of tea, you can explore your creativity and write short stories, novels or write scripts for films or plays. There are many markets which offer such lucrative opportunities.
  4.      You set the bar.  No more waiting for that well-deserved promotion. Whether you opt for a part time or full time freelance career, you determine how high you can go in your chosen field depending on your level of motivation.
  5.      Be recognized. Get the credit for the work you do. Being your own boss means no more colleagues stealing your ideas or getting the credit that rightfully belongs to you or benefiting off your productivity. Being a freelance writer enables you to establish your credibility and expertise within your niche.
  6.      Develop your professional skills. In order to remain at the top of your game and to win more clients and grow your business, freelance writers need to continually add to skills and improve existing ones to remain competitive in an evolving industry. This holds especially true for writers writing for the web. Google is constantly changing its parameters for search rankings so content needs to adhere to guidelines. Build your business skills.
  7.      Entrepreneurs drive the economy.  It is no secret that any economy in the world benefits from an increase in entrepreneurship.
  8.      Be in it for the money. This is not to discount the struggle of those entering the freelance world, but with armed with a positive all-things-are-possible attitude opportunities to make money are endless (who knows your adventure that started out with just you can grow into you heading a global enterprise).

We left our most important reason for last: 

        9.    A freelance writing career is an investment in you. Freelancing offers an amazing opportunity for self-growth. Apart from the professional skills every writer needs, you can develop business skills, and above all life skills such as self-esteem.

Take advantage of a career in freelance writing

The plethora of opportunities provided by a freelance writing career is measured by your determination, resilience and meeting demanding deadlines. Is it all worth though? You would never know unless you dig deep into the well of courage and consider our 9 reasons to be self-employed as a freelance writer. What would some of your reasons be to choose freelance writing as a career?


Image source: Pedro Ribeiro Simões

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