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9 Words to Avoid Saying During a Job Interview

When you are going to a job interview, chances are you know what you should wear and what you should bring. But did you know that there are words that you shouldn’t say? Below are 9 words that shouldn’t be a part of your interview vocabulary.


This is one word that you should never use during an interview, especially if you are asked if you can start the next day.  Saying something like absolutely is better, because it shows that you are truly interested in working for the company and that you’re confident in your ability to do the job.


First of all, this isn’t a real word.  Second of all, you will make the person skeptical in your abilities.  If you have done what they are asking, tell the person yes and follow it up with specific examples. If you didn’t ever do what they are asking, be honest and say you haven’t, but you’re eager to learn.

Profanity words

Even when you are telling a story, never use profanity.  This is going to make you look unprofessional, unpolished, and crass.  Using a curse word during your interview may make the interviewer wonder if you will use it while on the job.


Like Judge Judy has said many times on her show, “Um isn’t an answer.” It’s very hard to avoid using filler words, but you can do it with practice. Ask your friends to interview you and watch your use of ‘um’. When you use it too much, it may make you look very unprofessional and it can also make the person wonder if they are wasting their time


Even if you really did ‘hate’ one of your bosses or jobs, you never want to use the word. If you get hired, you want to believe you are going to be there for a long time. But you don’t want the person to wonder what you will say about their company or them if you ever part ways.


You never want to say “Sorry” unless you accidentally bump into them.  Don’t give yourself anything to say “Sorry” about. Make sure that you leave early for your interview, that you have dressed appropriately, and that you have everything you need.


Any is a very vague word, especially if you are at a job interview.  You want to be very specific and you want to let the interviewer know that you are interested in the job that they have to offer.  Let the person know that you are very interested in their company and why you are interested. Don’t act lackadaisical.


Never ask an interviewer what the company does.  Before you go to your interview, do some research about the company.  Make sure that you are also listening attentively to make sure that you don’t miss any questions.  If the person has to repeat themselves, they may think that you can’t follow instructions. You also don’t want to have to ask the interviewer what they just said.  Pay close attention and if you don’t understand what they mean, ask them to clarify rather than asking what they mean.


You should always be positive during your interview.  Always use positive words. Even if someone asks if you have questions, you should always have one or two prepared to show that you are very interested in the role.  Ask about the company’s future, how you’re going to fit in, and about the team you’ll be working with.

It is hard to be rejected for a job for something as simple as saying the wrong word during an interview. Be prepared with knowing what you are going to say and what the company does.  Sounding articulate and attentive during an interview is will give you a better chance of gaining employment.

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