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A Developing Baby Bump: How To Tell Your Boss That You're Pregnant

You and your husband bought the test. After two positive readings, you know that it's true. After you calm down from all the excitement, you call your mom and dad. They're thrilled, of course. Next, you give your best friend a call. Oh wait, there's one more important person to share the news with; your boss.

We all have different work environments and different bosses. You can not generalize with something like this, because one situation will vary greatly from the next. There are a lot of factors:

  • How close you are with your boss
  • The length of time you have been at your place of employment
  • If there's someone to replace you
  • How long you plan to be off work
  • Your work environment (is it safe to stay during the early stages of pregnancy)

When Is The Right Time?

There is not necessarily a 'right' time to tell your boss. Well, you can't hold off too long. If your boss hadn't already notice that you stopped drinking coffee, he or she will notice the bump when it starts to show.

If you get along with your boss, share the news as soon as you're comfortable. If your boss will not take the news well, wait until the end of your first trimester. Again, every situation is different. Some woman like to wait until the end of the first trimester, because the chances of miscarriage begin to drop dramatically at that point.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Some women become extremely sick. If you're one of those women, you may not have much choice. You may need to tell your boss sooner than you would've liked.
  • For others, they are simply too excited. They literally can't keep it in. If you're telling woman around the office, it may get back to your boss. It is ideal to tell your boss before someone else does, so just bear that in mind.
  • There is technically a right time in terms of maternity leave. Look into the policies at your work, make sure you take the proper steps. Some places require you to notify the company four weeks before you begin your maternity leave. Here is a resource for information regarding eligibility, pay and how to claim;
  • If you are working in an environment that is quite strenuous, or exposes you to chemicals of any kind; you need to tell your boss as soon as possible. You do not want to compromise your pregnancy in any way. This is really a matter of your work environment.
  • Don't ever break the news via email or text, this is simply not professional. Speak with your boss face-to-face. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary issues.

Be Prepared

Before you tell your boss, make sure you are prepared. Have some sort of plan. Do not approach your boss, tell them you're pregnant, and then follow up with not knowing the next step. If you make a plan that addresses your responsibilities at work, the news can be delivered much easier.

The last thing you want, is your boss suddenly feeling a lot of pressure. Go in prepared; knowing how much time you want off, who is going to replace you while you're gone and having solutions ready, will minimize concerns straight away. 


At the end of the day, this is something to be excited about. Do not stress over telling your boss. Being prepared, approaching the situation in a professional manner will ease your worries. Take the necessary steps, and embrace the beautiful moments that are about to come.


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