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A Glimpse of the Work Life in Abu Dhabi


An emirate harboring a population of near about a million inhabitants flocking from various corners of the world, Abu Dhabi is not only the most populous emirate but one of the most heavily employing global destinations as well. It’s quite easy to get a taste of a successful professional life while living here. Right from ample social security to a plethora of civic facilities, there’s definitely more than meets the eye about Abu Dhabi.

The discussion to follow will provide a glimpse regarding your work life-to-be in this emirate. Shedding a fair share of your consideration might actually prove lucrative. So stay close!

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The Economic Environment

Expats who find work in Abu Dhabi enjoy the perks of a proliferating economy and one of the wealthiest emirates in the UAE. Being the strongest contributor to the UAE’s GDP, the economy in Abu Dhabi functions through trade and business in natural resources like petroleum and related products. In case you’re enticed by the petro-chemical industry, then this just might be a goldmine for you. The emirate owns nearly 95% of the state’s oil resources. In addition to this, the significance of budding sectors like real estate, tourism, banking and business services is also creeping up, exponentially.

The Employment Scenario for Expatriates

The past few years have witnessed a number of international corporations relocating their operations to Abu Dhabi. Plus, the talent crunch in the region has left multinationals with no alternative but to go beyond the usual local market and hunt for professionals belonging to different nationalities and backgrounds. Expats with specialized knowledge and skills, coupled with an impeccable hold over language, are readily hired by employers.

But the imperative thing to consider is ample amount of research on your part. Embassies and consulates often prove helpful in such cases by providing further details and advice to prepare you for your job hunt. Moreover, you might also need to polish your Arabic skills, as Arabic and English are the two major languages spoken for business purposes in the country.

While Hunting Job Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

There also are ample job search websites that cater to the employment needs in the region, where employers are directly viewing your application. Plus, the government of Abu Dhabi provides ample resources to find various vacancies available in the emirate as well.

In addition to that, various departments pertaining to the regime openly advertise the available positions directly on their websites. For instance, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs’ site offers an e-recruitment service for all jobseekers looking to submit online applications.

The Employment Contract and the Duration That it Pertains

Every single employment contract in Abu Dhabi is issued by the Ministry of Labor. These are written and submitted both in English and Arabic. Abiding by the labor law in the UAE, a copy of each contract is kept by the ministry for reference purposes, in case of a dispute. If a situation of redundancy arises, both employer and the employee are free to review the details mentioned in the contract online.

However, a multitude of expats enter the country on a spousal visa with their spouse acting as the sponsor. In such a case, the law in Abu Dhabi demands from them to acquire a No Objection Certificate from their spouse before signing any such contract.

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Working in this exotic emirate is a dream come true for professionals from all across the globe. Is it yours too? If yes, the job market in this region demands no rocket science. Just stick to the basics and the rest will fall into place by itself. Abu Dhabi has got plenty in store for you.

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