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A Guide to Writing a Great Job Post

When filling a vacancy, the candidates you interview will depend almost entirely on the quality and content of your job post. The better the job post, the more suited the applicants will be! It is therefore vital that you have the knowledge and skills to write a creative, informative, and unique job post that will catch the attention of the right candidates.

Here is a quick guide on how to write a great job post!

Job Title

The job title you use must be eye catching, relevant to the job and something which will make candidates want to read more about the job. Think of the job title as your initial advertiser of the job, so make it count!

Company Details

If you are short for space you can simply include the company website’s URL in this section of the job post, but it is advised that you do provide a brief summary of what the company does and its position in the marketplace. Candidates want to know that the company they are applying to is not only doing well, but is an interesting and ambitious environment to work in.

Use no more than 3 lines when providing a brief company description and try to include the company culture,and values.

Job Description

This is one of the most important sections of the job post and requires you to be precise in detail whilst promoting to job as a opportunity for the right candidate. You need to strike a balance between ‘selling’ the position, and stating the responsibilities of the job. Try to be as descriptive as you can with the use of bullet points to separate the tasks and responsibilities of the role.

Job Benefits

You have described the role, responsibilities and tasks of the job vacancy, and now it is important that you give an insight into the perks and benefits of working for the company and in that particular position. It is a competitive marketplace and so the best candidates will go with the employer that provides them with the most benefits and career progression. To get the best, you have to compete!

Candidate Requirements

Here, you must be thorough in your description of the qualifications, experience, and skills candidates must possess in order to be successful in getting an interview. You can separate the ‘necessary’ skills with the ‘preferred’ skills, and you can also state which characteristics and features would be an ‘added advantage’. This will help candidates to understand whether they make the grade or not, and will hopefully reduce the number of irrelevant job applications you receive.

How to Apply

This may seem like an obvious section to include in a job post but you would be surprised by just how many post fail to state their preferred method of contact for candidates. Be sure to provide step-by-step instructions on what interested applicants should do.


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