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A Third of All CVs Contain Spelling Errors

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According to new research by the jobs search engine, reported in Recruitment International, nearly a third of all CVs in the UK have at least one spelling error. Of those with mistakes, over half (54%) contained just one misspelt word and a sloppy 46% featured more than a couple of spelling mistakes. The most common spelling error made by job applicants, according to the study, is ‘responsibility’.

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The research, conducted in March, analysed more than 3,000 CVs across the country to highlight mistakes made in job applications. (One of the CVs in the sample contained a staggering 23 typos.)

Below are the most common spelling errors made by job seekers, as revealed by the study. If you find spelling difficult, check out this video which details some effective spelling strategies to help you become more confident with your spelling.

The Most common spelling errors made by job applicants, in order of error frequency:

  • Responsibility
  • Liaise
  • University
  • Experience
  • Speciality
  • Communication
  • Achievement
  • Management
  • Environment
  • Successful

Additional spelling tips

Chunking: If you have a very long word, break it down into small ’chunks’. For example, the word antidisestablishmentarianism can be broken down into nine ‘chunks’ as follows:

Anti – dis- es-tab-lish-ment-ar-ian-ism

Make it distinctive: Some words lend themselves well to visual techniques, and a good example is the word ‘necessary’. Imagine the ‘ece’ as two eyes separated by a nose (the c being the nose); or the ss as two snakes – here the audio association is helpful because the repeated ‘s’ sound could pass for the hissing of a snake.

Highlight the unusual: This works well with words that have a ‘silent’ letter. The following are good examples:

Character: If you spell the word phonetically, you will miss out the ‘h’ which is therefore the ‘unusual’ (ca-rac-ter).

Environment: If you spell this word phonetically, you will omit the ‘n’ which is therefore the ‘unusual’ (en-vi-ro-ment).

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How good is your spelling? Would you have misspelt any of the words highlighted in the Adzuna study? Let me know in the comments box below…



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