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SALARIES / MAY. 16, 2016
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A Tool That Makes Salary Negotiations Easier

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With this tool you won’t be afraid to ask your boss for a promotion. Maybe you can even tell him how much you need. Check how you can do that exactly.

A recent survey by Chron showed that only about 31 percent of respondents always negotiate salary after receiving a job offer. 20 percent of US workers also admitted never negotiating salary during the hiring process. What’s worse, 41 percent of those who participated in the study said they never negotiated a salary at all. While this may not seem like a big deal, failure to negotiate salary has a long-term detrimental impact on your career.

For one, not negotiating your salary means that either you and/or your boss can’t recognise the value and the effort you are putting into your job, and as such you find it harder to advance in the company. Also, not asking for a raise could mean that for years you are stuck in the same position that offers you the same amount of money you earned when you first got the job. Over the course of your career, this might cost you thousands of dollars that you could have earned if you were brave enough to ask for it.

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There are many reasons why workers avoid salary negotiations even though everyone likes earning more money. But, what seems to be the biggest common problem with salary negotiations is that workers are concerned they will lose their jobs or job offer. Research confirms that fear is the most important reason workers avoid salary discussions with employers, followed by a lack of negotiation skills and the confidence to effectively promote themselves.

Even though it can be difficult to make the decision, the first step you can take towards negotiating your salary is realizing how much your worth. Luckily for you, there is an excellent way to do so. Paysa is a new platform that offers market salary data to help you find out how much you should be paid regarding your job title, the name of the company you work for, your location, education level and skills.   

As Paysa’s Cofounder and CEO Chris Bolte says, Paysa is a tool that can help you understand you’re your real value in the market so that it can help you have “a more balanced and data-driven” conversation with an employer during the salary negotiation process.

While Paysa is not the only site that can give out information about salaries and companies amongst others including PayScale, Glassdoor, and, Bolte says is planning to expand the application so that it includes salary and other important data about available jobs in a range of industries other than software, data science and IT.

Paysa offers what is usually missing from a good salary negotiation. For starters, it tells you that you need to go out there and get what you deserve moneywise – as well as how much more you need. It also boosts your confidence and encourages you to face your boss or potential employer by providing them with real facts. Paysa is a great tool that can be used as a back-up to support your arguments and why you are asking for more money. This should make it more difficult for employers to say no.

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Most people find it difficult to ask for the money they want even if it’s at the start of a job offer or a job they are currently in. But, getting down to the facts and realising how much you’re worth can make it much easier for you to ask your boss or potential employer for more money without making the situation awkward.

Have you ever had to negotiate a salary? How did it go? Let me know in the comments section below…

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