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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 07, 2013
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A Very Sexy Job Application

Miguel Durão isn’t the first creative-type to create a buzz around himself by using a YouTube video for self-promotion. As he was about to move to London in 2011, this freelance copywriter realised there was a need to get the attention of agencies in the area. He did this with a slideshow of pictures featuring his very beautiful, model girlfriend, Erika.

The video explains that Erika has been seen on catwalks all over the world, modelled for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry such as Alberto Ferretti and Georgio Armani and worked for agencies like Ford and Elite. Durão goes on to explain that his girlfriend isn’t just pretty, she’s also got smarts having achieved a good degree; business –savvy, in managing her own company and is a good person, who does charity work. She certainly does seem like the ideal woman for most.

So what’s this got to do with a copywriter’s job application? you’re thinking. The photos of a scantily clad lady are sure to titillate the viewer but that doesn’t prove anything. But then, there’s a twist in the video – the big reveal, which is sure to give you a shock and have you lolling all over the place. It’s very sexy indeed.

The video has now had over 180,000 views, which isn’t quite viral-standards but is better than most! Plus, according to his webpage, Durão’s funny video succeeded in getting him work. What lengths would you go to, to get yourself noticed and prove you’re worthy of a job?

More from Durão

Not only has Durão been very successful in marketing himself, he has also come up with highly successful marketing projects for big brands. His campaign for Swiss chocolate and confectionery company Milka is probably his most well-known campaign within the marketing world.

His brilliantly original idea involved taking the last square of chocolate from a milka bar i.e. selling the bars with one piece missing. I don’t know about you, but initially that would annoy me a little! Anyway, the consumer then takes a code from the inside of the pack and enters it at the Milka website. They can then decide whether they want to reclaim the piece of chocolate for themselves or send it to a friend or family member, with a sweet message attached to it. This invites the consumer ’to dare to be tender’ apparently, but most of all gives them a unique experience which allows them to engage fully with the brand. Have a look at the video here.

It’s clear therefore that Miguel Durão has a great sense of humour and the ability to engage his target audience in a unique way. These are the kind of qualities, which are bound to get you far in the world of digital marketing.

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