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How to Ace a Performance Review

You may not think that performance reviews are necessary, but they are simply a part of life. While many people believe that the reviews aren’t an accurate measure of job performance, they are still subjected to these yearly reviews.

Want to ace that performance review?

Check out our awesome tips for performance review success:

  • Quantify your accomplishments -- What did you accomplish in the last year? If you just did what was asked of you, you may not have anything to boast about. If, however, you actually gave your work your all, you’ve no doubt achieved something great. Make sure that the manager knows what you did, using specific number values (dollars, percentages, number of accounts, etc.) to get the message across.
  • Build your brand -- You can use your performance review to build your own personal brand, the "you" that plays such a central role in the company. If you’re the one everyone comes to for help, the reliable one who works harder than everyone else, or the one who gets the job done no matter what, use that to build the brand of "you" that you promote in your performance review.
  • Point to the future -- Your review is more than just a look at your last year in the company, but it’s also sort of a glimpse into the future. Evaluate the progress you made in the last year, and use it to help you figure out what you will accomplish in the next year. Make sure to emphasize your continued commitment to the company, and detail how you will grow and make progress in the year to come.
  • Prepare -- If you can’t tell the manager why you’re not an intricate part of the team, it’s sort of a sign that you’re not as useful as you think. Spend time thinking about the role you play in your company, and let the manager know what makes you an asset the company cannot function without.
  • Be boastful in moderation -- Your employers are all but guaranteed to forget what you accomplished 10 or 11 months ago, so it’s up to you to remind them. You want to sort of build up the things you achieved in the last year, but without sounding arrogant. That’s where the first tip on the list comes in handy!
  • Talk clearly and specifically -- When speaking with your manager in the performance review, don’t use complicated, technical terms. Speak in plain, simple English, and only use complex terms that you KNOW the manager will understand. Be specific in the information you provide.
  • See your boss as a coach, not an interrogator -- Remember, your boss is probably just as uncomfortable as you over these performance reviews. They are there to talk to you and figure out the progress you made in the last year, so you need to work with them to find your value in the company. They’re not there to interrogate you or make you suffer.
  • Handle criticism well -- You are very likely to get negative feedback--criticism--from your boss, but how will you handle it? If you blow up at the boss, you definitely aren’t acing that review. Take that criticism as from someone who wants the best for you, and apologize for mistakes you made. Don’t take things personally, but handle it as a mature professional.

Follow the tips above, and you’ll ACE that performance review year after year.


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