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INTERVIEWS / MAY. 12, 2014
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Acing a Lunch Interview

Getting an invitation for a lunch interview is nothing new. There are many employers that want to meet over lunch so that they can understand a candidate better. If you have got such call then it is obvious that you need to make your preparations. Acing a lunch interview is not difficult when you are prepared. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be. There are seven practical tips below to help you ace that lunch interview.

There are many reasons why a potential employer may want to invite you for a lunch interview. For starters, they may just want to see how you would act were you attending lunch with one of your customers. Or they may want to test your multitasking skills as you balance your social and professional sides. Sometimes the lunch could just be a final assessment of you before you are handed the job offer letter. The reasons are not that important– it is more important to get prepared for the interview.

Tip #1 – When you get to know the name of the restaurant, don’t forget to find about it online. Go through settings, the reviews and the menu so that you don’t feel like a fish out of water as you enter the restaurant. And ensure you are dressed formally for the occasion.

Tip #2 – When you make your entry into the restaurant, find out whether your host is already there or not. If they are not there, it is best to wait for them in the lobby. Don’t go to the bar. It is best to arrive a few minutes earlier than called so that you can soak in the atmosphere of the place.

Tip #3 – You may be first asked to choose your beverage. Ensure that you stay away from alcohol. Sparkling water is an excellent choice. For acing a lunch interview, you need to keep your wits about you.

Tip #4 – When you order food, ensure that you choose something that is simple to manage with your knife and fork. Noodles, spaghetti, large sandwiches and shellfish should be avoided. Don’t make a fuss about the menu and order something that allows you to eat quietly as you answer the questions.

As far as the price of your order is concerned, choose something that is moderately priced – nothing too expensive or too cheap. And most importantly, you should ensure that you order something. If you say no to any food, it could be taken as a sign of nervousness.

Tip #5 – Be polite to the waiters. Misbehaving with a waiter is the best way to put off the interviewer. The usually try to serve in the best possible manner. If your waiter makes a mistake, point it out, but don’t lose your cool or put them down.

Tip #6 – Follow the established rules of dining. Don’t talk with food in your mouth; don’t make noise chewing and don’t keep your elbows on the table. Someone should have told you about these manners, if not, watch the attached video.

Tip #7 – Let the interviewer pick up the tab. Be gracious about this. You were the one invited to the lunch. Thus, there is no reason why you should pick up the tab.

An interview over lunch is not a bad idea. When you are pondering an answer, just put some food in your mouth. Chew while you are thinking so that you come up with the right answer. But don’t keep chewing forever.

Follow these practical tips to create a great impression and hopefully that job could be yours for the taking.

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