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LEADERSHIP / FEB. 22, 2015
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How to Adjust to the New Boss on the Block


Changes in the supervision post of a workplace leads to an overall change of protocol in the workplace, which means you have to make many professional adjustments in order to get along with your new boss. Nevertheless, it does not have to negatively impact your career growth. In fact, it could put you in a better position for career progress. Here are some tips to help you establish a good working relationship with your new boss:

Make a New First Impression

Having a new boss gives you the opportunity to start afresh in the workplace and perhaps even manage your career better. Although they’ll know what the functions of the various roles in the office, they will still need some induction to the individuals behind each post. Fulfill the duties of your particular role with zeal, so that your new boss can see the relevance of your functions.

Learn Your Boss’s Background

To be able to meaningfully engage with your new boss, it’s important to know a bit about their professional background. It is easier to do this today with LinkedIn profiles and various other online career platforms. Take a step further and learn about your boss’s hobbies, activities, interests so that you can relate to them. Having a common ground is the best way to prevent future misunderstandings between yourselves.

Have a Proactive Attitude

Set up a meeting with your new boss to get to know his or her working style, how they find the company and their goals and expectations for employees, as well as the organization. You’ll be a step ahead in being able to enable this for them; therefore, putting you in their good books. Step up when opportunities are available so that you quickly gain your new boss’s attention. You should also establish a unique presence in the workplace by always achieving the best results and being highly productive.

Adopt Your New Boss’s Practices

One of the traits you have to adopt and make use of is flexibility. Although you were used to a certain way of working with a previous supervisor, your new boss will come with his or her own principles, ethics and expectations. It is essential that you adopt these and make them part of your work ethic. You get to learn something new in the process and make use of other skills you may not have otherwise put into practice.

Be Informational Rather than Direct

To avoid confrontations with your new boss especially when it comes to how work should be done, ask questions instead of imposing ideas. You should not make statements such as, ‘This is the way we’ve always done it.’ Instead, ask your boss questions whenever you’re unsure about the direction you should take when following certain protocols.

You have to constantly manage your expectations of your new boss. Align your goals with that of your supervisor in order to get the most out of your working relationship. When interacting with them, don’t be strictly professional. Allow yourself to be informal and to engage with them as much as possible.

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